Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Watch this Bobcat catch and Drag a Shark off the Waters

In a rare beach wildlife encounter a Bobcat was witnessed catching a 4 foot shark at Sebastian Inlet State Park near Vero Beach in Florida as the stunning moment was captured by photographer John Bailey

Watch bobcat catch a shark at the florida beach and drag the 4 meter shark of the waters via rare wildlife encounters caught on camera
Bobcat catches a 4 foot shark and drags it off the water
Well they say whenever you witness a shark on the beach, make sure to get out of the waters as quickly as possible but apparently no one ever though of confronting one and taking it home without even using a fishing rod or a bait to fish it out of the waters. Well this was the case with this rare wildlife encounter caught on camera where in a huge bobcat was witnessed attacking a 4 foot long shark at the Sebastian Inlet State Park near Vero Beach in Florida and dragged its catch off the waters as the entire moment was witnessed and captured by on vacation photographer John Bailey.Photographer John Bailey apparently was taking an evening stroll through Sebastian Inlet State Park in Vero Beach when he spotted a huge bobcat keenly staring at the water. Curious and a bit scared John Bailey slowly moved closer to the bobcat to find out what the cat was up to where he discovered that the wildcat was apparently watching a shark in the shallows waters of the beach when it suddenly made a move for the shark as it swiftly jumped into the waters and caught the shark by it's tail and dragged the fish off the waters.
bobcat catches a 4 meter long shark on the beach and drags its food back to the shore - photographer by John Bailey via rare wildelife encounters caught on camera photos and videos
Bobcat dragging the struggling shark off the waters at Vero Beach, Florida

The bobcat was pretty quick at grabbing, snatching and pulling out the shark which didn't give John Bailey any time to capture it on his camera and furthermore he hadn't brought his camera to the beach but he knew it was once a lifetime opportunity to shooting to fame as a photographer so John Bailey switched to his Iphone to capture the bobcat holding its catch and dragging the struggling 4 foot shark. Apparently in the process of capturing the bobcat catch a shark, John went in too close to the big cat which apparently scared the bobcat as it dropped his catch and made a run into the forests.

Watch Bobcat catch its Prey

While John Bailey who had no intention of scaring the bobcat or steal his catch was sad about bobcat dropping off his fish, he had greater things to cherish as he immediately shot to fame with his photo of a bobcat walking along the beach with a shark in its mouth as the photo went viral on the internet, especially among wildlife experts and organizations. Wildlife experts said it was a really rare encounter of actually capturing a bobcat preying on a shark, although it's quite common for typical bobcats to often prey in the waters what was rare was actually capturing it on camera as bobcats often prefer solitary environments which makes it very difficult to capture one in action.

Swift Bobcat preys on a Pocket Gopher

While others had doubts about photo being fake, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made it pretty clear that the photo was genuine and was one of the rarest encounters ever caught on camera. Hmm bobcat huh? Oh great am happy with my cats and dogs, No beach holidays for me in Florida. :P What about you? What would you have done if you witnessed a wildlife animal snatching a 4 foot shark or a scary hunt in the waters. ;)