Wednesday, 16 July 2014

3 ways to Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons in Blogger

Removing Quick Edit Pencil Icons and Wrench Icons from Posts and Widgets in Blogger

how to remove quick edit pencil and wrench icons from blogger via in 3 simple ways
Making your Blog free from unnecessary Icons
Quick edit is an awesome feature when it comes to editing documents  with ease and saving on the essential productive time but while these links are essential to the editor it serves no use to the viewer who just has to read the written document or article, the same goes for the Blogger quick edit pencil icons and the wrench icons which show up on blog post footer and on widget areas to provide an easy way to edit them effortlessly without having to search for a particular widget which you wish to edit. Quite a handy feature for bloggers looking to increase their productivity on their blog and also since these links are only visible to Admin or content writers and not to visitors, it's a perfect tool to keep on Blogger, but it has many hidden demerits which negatively impact your blog's loading speed, SEO and beauty which you might not be aware of, Each time a visitor visits your blog these image icon wrench and pencil links get rendered, although invisible to the user they increase load time with each icon sending an extra http load request, similarly these icons being images affect SEO as well as being quick edit icons these images don't have alt or title tags and so when a crawler visits your site it sees these images as not optimized and rank you lower due to absence of meta data for these wrench icon images, apart from that most bloggers use blogger layout panel to add or edit widgets and posts and hardly use these quick edit links and somewhere it affects the beauty of the site due to a psychology of a blogger to beautify everything they do.  So let's get started with removing these quick edit pencil icons and wrench icons from your blogger blog in 3 simple unique ways.

Instructions to Follow: 

  1. Method-1: Removing Quick Edit Icon links by Deletion

    If you don't wish to use quick edit links and want to get rid of Quick edit pencil icon and wrench links forever then this method is perfect for you. To remove quick edit links from your blog go to blogger template → Click Edit HTML → Search for quick edit data tag by pressing CTRL+F and look for the below code and delete all instances of it.
    <b:include name='quickedit'/>
    After deleting all the instances of quick edit data tags save your template and your enjoy your blog free from the ugly looking feed link icons.
  2. Method-2: Removing Wrench Icons using HTML Browser Comments

    If you are reluctant on deleting quick edit links from your blog but still want to remove them then this method is just perfect. To remove quick edit links go to your blogger templates HTML editor and look for <b:include name='quickedit'/> by using CTRL+F and replace all instances of it with the below code.
    <!--b:include name='quickedit'/-->
    The above code basically comments out the quick edit data tag telling browser to ignore it as it's a comment thereby getting rid of all the wrench icons.
  3. Method-3: Hiding Wrench Icons with CSS

    This method is one of the most popular methods of getting rid of the wrench icons which doesn't require any editing in the blogger HTML editor and also eliminates the redundancy associated with Method 1 and 2 of having to manually find and tweak all the quick edit data tags. To remove wrench icons using this method go to your Blogger Template Editor → Click on Customize → Scroll down to Add CSS section and add in the below code and save your template to remove the quick edit links from your blog.
    The above code simply hides the icon links from browser but may be visible inside blogger template editor preview.
  4. Removing Quick Edit Pencil Icons from Blogger Post Footer

    Whether you use wrench icons or not for editing, these quick edit pencil icons for blog post editing is a very handy tool in improvising your blog posts but if you don't use them then in order to get rid of them go to your Blogger layout panel → click Edit on Blog Posts layout and from the popped up options unpick the "Show Quick Editing" option and click save to get rid of the pencil icon from your blog posts footer.
You can test the presence of these quick edit pencil and wrench icons by using web monitoring tools like which will show you how it's affecting your blogs speed and seo with additional http load requests and absent alt tags. Check out the difference in your load and SEO ranking before and after removing the quick edit links to find out the striking difference in their absence. In case wrench icons are showing up in results in monitoring tools like then you probably have used method 3, prefer using method 1 or 2 to get rid of them as you improve your site's score.