Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Watch Hammerhead Shark Attack Nearly Miss the Swimmers

Watch this Hammerhead Shark attack nearly miss the two swimmers enjoying in the waters near Destin, Florida as the predator gets dangerously close to them

Watch this Hammerhead Shark attack nearly miss the two swimmers enjoying in the waters near Destin via Shark attack videos

Well you probably planned on going to the beach and enjoy the scintillating waters but wait before you see this because you might change your mind especially you are in Florida. In a recent encounter at the early morning hours near Destin, Florida a major Shark attack was barely averted by mere luck when a Hammerhead Shark got dangerously closer to the two swimmers who were enjoying the waters with water level barely touching their knees. The Family and Friends were apparently enjoying a early morning party at the beach and were about to leave that's when they someone realized that they have left their keys in the penthouse and everyone went back to the penthouse that's when one of them spotted a Hammerhead shark closing in towards the two swimmers who were enjoying in the shallow waters. Seeing the life threatening situation all 8 friends shouted Shark to alert the swimmers from the 19th floor balcony but apparently it wasn't strong enough to reach them clearly, but it was lucky for the swimmers as to what was thought to be a probable Shark Attack in progress was actually a Hammerhead Shark chasing its prey Stingray which was trying to escape the predator by moving in towards the shallow part of the ocean and was dangerously close to the swimmers, the swimmers were only able to notice the shark when it splashed the water in order to bite the Stingray. Horrified swimmers immediately jumped out of the waters while the satisfied great shark went back in the Ocean. While it was a near miss shark attack caught on camera by Scott McCain who videotaped the incident from the 19th floor of penthouse,it shook the gang of friends tremendously as it was the very spot they were in the waters a few minutes back and who knows what could have happened. Meanwhile it's reported that Hammerhead Sharks don't usually attack humans but in the past some incidents of the attack have been noted as Florida continues to see a steep rise in number of Shark attacks while very report the opposite and rare scenes of these great predators becoming the prey to other predators