Friday, 9 January 2015

Watch Man Change light bulb on a 1500 Foot TV Tower

Watch daredevil Kevin Schmidt take on the terrifying climb of 1500 foot TV tower in South Dakota, to change the Flashing red light Bulb on top of the tower while being filmed by a drone during the entire climb

Watch daredevil Kevin Schmidt take on the terrifying climb of 1500 foot TV tower in South Dakota, to change the Flashing red light Bulb on top of the tower including a mid air selfie from a drone via incredible drone videos

Well changing a light bulb doesn't seem much of a daredevil task, but how about climbing a mile into the sky just to change a midair air traffic light bulb? Sounds thrilling! Isn't it, but you will only find a handful of such daredevils who will agree to take upon the terrifying climb just to change a light bulb. Well one such daredevil was none other than climber Kevin Schmidt who took on the task of daring TV antennae repairman of changing the flashing traffic light bulb on the top of the abandoned KDLT TV tower in Salem, South Dakota.

The video above was recorded with a Quadrocopter drone piloted by Prairie Aerial videography experts who filmed Kevin Schmidt climb all the way to the top of the 1500 foot tall TV tower. The footage shows Kevin slowly and steadily climbing up the tower using his safety rope and finally reaching the top and changing the light bulb. But the defining moment comes in when Kevin pauses their in the mid air for a aerial selfie on the top of 1500 feet into the sky as the vertigo moment quickly went viral among the netizens and added another tower to the list of tall reigns. The old KDLT TV tower once used to broadcast signals to the whole of north west region of US but now serves one of the treats to air traffic and thus changing these flash lights is a must in order to avoid mid air collisions during the night time. Talking of Kevin Schmidt he's known to be climbing these tall TV towers regularly to do these kind of daredevil repair and maintenance works. In the video one can call Kevin to be a firefighter saving lives behind the scene even before they can happen so he surely deserves a thumbs up ! :)

Climbing England's Tallest Cathedral

In order to fix a broken weather meter, two brave cathedral conservationists climbed Salisbury Cathedral's 404-foot-tall main spire. Of course, they attached GoPros to their helmets and filmed the whole thing to give us all vertigo induced sweaty palms.On thing that is quite clear is that drones and GoPro cameras have made life much easier for capturing breathtaking sceneries and moments.

Warning : The above daredevil scene is no way advisable for anyone to try without professional supervision and especially if you have Vertigo or fear of heights and also make a note of the fact that Kevin here is a trained climber and it's his profession to climb such tall places. Keep in mind that in past many youngsters have lost their lives while trying to get a selfie from tall buildings or towers, so be safe and let the professionals take care of the scary stuffs for your life is more important than a selfie. :)