Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Watch How this Dog tries to Save Dying Fish with water

Watch How this Dog desperately tries to save the dying fishes with water reminding us of Hachiko who also happens to be same Akita Breed as this Dog

Watch How this Dog desperately tries to save the dying fishes with water  via emotional dog videos

Dog's are certainly man's best friend but here in this case you will witness something so heart touching that you won't be able to stop yourself from crying as the Akita Breed dog tries desperately to save the dying fishes with water lying on the ground while trying to console the dying fishes to hold on as if he will definitely save them. The 40 sec video touched the human heart which has lost the sympathy for poor creatures and a single incident of a dog trying to save the fish touches everyone's heart making it go viral on the Internet showcasing the extraordinary sympathy and his desire to save the dying fishes, trying to convey the message that he will save them. The incident apparently happened in Taiwan region where in fishes were kept lying in puddle of water in the pavement and we guess the Akita dog must not have seen such an inhumane scene and went without any hesitation to savior them. In past as well animals especially dogs have shown this kind of sympathetic nature touching everyone's heart. Meanwhile this dog reminded us of Hachiko who displayed an extraordinary loyalty towards his dead owner, which also happens to be same Akita breed as this kind dog. We hope this rose some humanity dying inside netizens to show sympathy and kindness towards both humans and animals.While this Dog showed great sympathy in trying to protect these fish, other predators like the great sharks would have never done the same.