Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New Aluminium powered battery recharges in a minute

Scientists at Stanford University build a bendable Aluminium powered battery with an ultrafast rechargeable timing of just 1 minute which is much more stable, inexpensive and safer compared to today's outdated lithium powered batteries

Scientists at Stanford University build an ultrafast rechargeable aluminium battery charges in a minute and is much more stable, inexpensive and safer compared to lithium powered batteries via geniushowto.blogspot.com science videos
A bunch of scientists mainly consisting of a team of students led by their chemistry professor Honglie Dai had their eureka moment when they succeeded in creating the first successful aluminium battery which can finally act as an alternative to modern world's most used and outdated lithium powered batteries. Batteries have played a vital role in creating the modern technological world in which we live today and in fact every gadget or machine that is surrounding us today works on it. It all started with huge alkaline powered batteries which later were replaced by today's lithium ion batteries which helped solve many modern day problems but had it's own demerits and safety concerns, but apparently with this new invention of aluminium ion batteries one can expect the rise of the third generation of batteries which are much more powerful compared to lithium batteries and are much safer and inexpensive to produce and will help energy sector and gadget industries to switch to much cleaner aluminium powered batteries as an safe alternative to conventional batteries.
Scientists at Stanford University build a bendable Aluminium powered battery which has an ultrafast rechargeable timing of just 1 minute via geniushowto.blogspot.com science inventions and stories
Stanford scientists have invented a flexible, high-performance aluminum powered battery that charges in just 1 minute
The Aluminium ion battery prototype is made up of aluminum anode and a graphite cathode made of graphite and a combination of ionic liquid electrolyte and a flexible polymer acting as a casing that allows for producing sufficient voltage. The ionic liquid electrolyte is the secret behind the aluminium battery being much stable and nonflammable, the electrolyte is actually a salt that converts to liquid at room temperature. The composition and casting is so good that it continues to support the device stably even when a whole is drill through the battery while it is being used by a device. In the prototype demo video you can see the Aluminium battery successfully powering an LED light while it is being bent and drilled through.
Scientists have invented the first high-performance aluminum battery that's fast-charging, long-lasting and inexpensive via geniushowto.blogspot.com amazing science inventions
Yingpen Wu and his colleagues at Stanford together succeeded in developing the first rechargeable aluminum-ion battery which is inexpensive, long-lasting and safe while working under the guidance of professor Honglie Dai
Coming to recharge cycles previously many attempts to build an Aluminium powered battery have been made but they all failed when it came to recharge cycles and holding capacity but this invention by Stanford researchers has actually succeeded in what everyone had been trying to achieve. These Aluminium ion powered batteries are 7.5 times longer recharge cycle when compared to an average lithium icon battery. The only disadvantage that these Aluminium ion batteries haven't been able to cover is voltage and power density where it lags behind lithium powered batteries average 4 volts with its 2 volts production and packs a power of 40 watts/kg compared to lithium batteries humongous 206 Watts/kg power density.

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Meanwhile Professor Honglie Dai and his team is optimistic that these values can be improved drastically by changing the material used for the cathode. Meanwhile the technological invention has already attracted lots of gadget and smartphone manufacturing companies with it's flexible and durable structure with longer battery life and ultrafast charging and most of all being hazard proof as it is fire proof and continues to support the device while being an environment friendly product. Most of all these Aluminium batteries are very cheap and inexpensive to produce compared to lithium batteries which are much costlier than Aluminium. The research was funded by various energy organizations and companies from several parts of the world and certainly the results have been overwhelming and might just be the next step towards the next generation of cleaner and powerful batteries with applications that can be applied to any flexible technology or product like storing renewable energy in massive electrical grids which rapidly store and release energy.

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Meanwhile smartphone users were worried about performance issues of it's discharging capability while under usage due to the fact that it has smaller recharge time and might discharge very quickly. This certainly has to be next big breakthrough in the field of science this year after scientists found a way to unboil boiled eggs to boost cancer research drug production prices. This invention certainly has lots of potential, just imagine the shelf life of energy products being extended by humongous 7.5 times before switching or buying a new one but I know those nerds need more answers as smartphones recharging in 60 seconds doesn't always impress these chemical geniuses. :)