Friday, 6 February 2015

Watch Robert Mugabe's Fall turn into Hilarious Memes

Watch how Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe's Embarrassing fall caught on camera quickly turned into dictator's nightmare as Internet was flooded with hilarious memes of Mugabe's fall

Watch Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Fall turn into Hilarious Internet Memes via viral internet photos and videos

Well it's always funny to watch people fall and it's totally unavoidable, while some people deal with the embarrassing fall with a light laugh on the other hand people who can't really digest the fact go crazy over their fall. It was the similar case with Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe's fall where in the Zimbabwean dictator tripped on a red carpet as he missed a step while walking off the podium at Harare International Airport, where he was addressing his supporters. Robert Mugabe was so embarrassed by the fall that he ordered his security to get photographers to delete the evidence of his fall. While photos of Mugabe's fall were deleted it seemed some of them managed to get past security and quickly became dictators nightmare as shortly after the incident the internet was flooded with hilarious memes of Mugabe's fall hash tagged under #MugabeFalls, becoming a source of ridicule for Africa's oldest leader on social media.
Zimbabwe's president Robet Mugabe spent  £400,000 on his birthday celebrations while his country is still starving and now internet pays him back with hilarious Mugabe fall memes via #MugabeFalls
Robert Mugabe spent £400,000 on his celebrations while his Country men starve and now Internet pays him back with #MugabeFalls
Robert Mugabe came in like Wrecking ball the Miley Cyrus style #MugabeFalls meme via internet memes
Mugabe fell in like a wrecking ball
Following the incident the Zimbabwean media immediately rushed to defend the honor of their 90 year old President with statements such as that their leader didn't even fall while some said yes he tripped but even Jesus would have tripped under such circumstances and saying so the internet continued to make fun of Mugabe's fall with thousands of photoshopped images of Mugabe's fall being illustrated in memes as riding the wrecking ball, the Miley Cyrus style, breaking the internet with Kim Kardashian's naked butts, breaking a leg with Beyonce in hit single Single Ladies, playing Quidditch Cup with Harry Potter, riding a horse, surfing the waves to that of being chased by rhinos, athletes and baton wielding Zimbabwean policeman.

The local newspaper Herald seeing the internet being flooded with Mugabe's fall also published a collage of other world leaders who have stumbled and incidents in which Former U.S Presidents George W. Bush and Gerald Ford, Australia’s Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Queen Sofia of Spain have all tripped. Mugabe who turns 91 was addressing supporters after returning from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, where he was appointed chairman of the 54th nation African Union, apparently his fall would also be elected as one of the most shared internet memes of 2015. :D
dirty old man Robert Mugabe breaking the internet with Kim Kardashian's naked butt via #MugabeFalls meme
Mugabe must be one heck of a Dictator to get to touch Kim Kardashian's naked butt personally
Dirty old man Mugabe breaks the internet by having a moment with Kim Kardashian's naked butt.
Mugabe playing quidditch with Harry Potter via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe fall in the Quidditch Cup from Harry Potter while going for the golden snitch ball
Mugabe took center stage in Quidditch cup as he stole the golden snitch from Harry Potter but later succumbed due to a fall as Harry got snitch once again to win the tournament
Robert Mugabe in dancing with the stars as he takes a fall during the performance via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe takes a fall during his performance in Dancing with the stars
Mugabe shows his dance moves on the sets of "Dancing with the Stars" but takes a fall by another contestant.
Mugabe takes a fall in touching scene from Titanic with Leonardo Dicaprio via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe on the sets of Titanic's final scene with Leonardo Dicaprio
In the final epic scene of Titanic Mugabe lets Jack drown although they had plenty of space on the wooden cart to survive the fall adding a twist of Mugabe fall fails to the epic movie
Mugabe trips during International Amateur Athletics Federation diamond league via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe trips during IAAF diamond League, loses the title run
Mugabe takes on IAAF diamond league, trips during the race losing the run for the championship as Usain Bolt takes gold.
Mugabe being chased away by Zimbabwean policeman for not doing his job properly via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe and his coworkers being chased by Zimbabwean police for not doing their work properly
Robert Mugabe gets mobbed by Zimbabwean police as his coworkers and himself run for their lives.
Mugabe gets knocked down by WWE superstar  Randy Orton via #Mugabefalls Memes
Mugabe gets knocked down by WWE superstar  Randy Orton
Robert Mugabe gets knocked out by vicious WWE superstar Randy Orton with his new move called the #MugabeFalls.
Mugabe goes free style on the dance floor via #mugabefalls memes
Mugabe takes a fall on the dance floor while free styling with other dancers
Mugabe showcasing his moves on the dance floor as he trips and takes a fall while free styling with other dancers.
Mugabe shakes a leg with Beyonce in hit album ladies via #mugabefalls memes
Mugabe shakes a leg with  Beyonce while filming for hit single Ladies
Choreographer Robert Mugabe teaches Beyonce his new fall move for singer's new video single Ladies.
Mugabe takes on dinosaurs with his fall on Trex via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe takes on dinosaurs while riding a T rex
Mugabe takes on the vicious meme dinosaurs ridden by Journalists by riding on his Zimbabwean Trex
Mugabe has a narrow escape as he take the fall via #MugabeFalls memes
Mugabe has a narrow escape as he takes the fall
Mugabe has a narrow escape on the streets as he takes a fall on his way to his homeland
Mugabe chased by hippopotamus as he takes a fall via #mugabefalls memes
Mugabe chased by hippopotamus as he takes a fall
The last human on earth Robert Mugabe gets chased down by a vicious hippopotamus altering the DNA of the last human as evolution of man takes a new turn
Human evolution takes a Mugabe fall via #mugabefalls memes
Human evolution takes a Mugabe fall 
After the human evolution takes a Mugabe fall the new trend has slowly turned itself into a viral trend among the next human generation as everyone is seen doing the Mugabe fall poster, a new yoga trend in the health magazine.
People copying the new trend of Mugabe fall via #mugabefalls memes
People indulging in the new trend of Mugabe falls poster
Haha Robert Mugabe did you enjoy your trip? We certainly did! ♥. Well looks like Robert Mugabe has taken a quick rise in his rankings in the meme center as the world indulges in the new trend of #MugabeFalls.