Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Father daughter Duo recreate Jurassic Park from Lego

Watch Father prove to his daughter that anything can be build from Lego pieces by recreating the famous Jurassic Park movie using $100,000 worth of Lego pieces in a short animated video

Watch Father daughter Duo recreate Jurassic Park movie with $100,000 worth of Lego pieces via amazing viral videos

Well Lego has creatively changed a lot the way people think and put their imagination to work with infinite possibilities and creations that can be build from Lego pieces. Well this was the case with 8 year old Hailee who likes to play with Lego play sets but had a question for his father about whether everything can be built from Lego pieces or not and saying so his father replied yes with her daughter's favorite movie Jurassic park as an example to recreate the movie using Lego pieces. Hailee's father Paul Hollingsworth who apparently is a film maker and animation director carried on a thrilling dino journey into the world of Jurassic park as they recreate scenes from the blockbuster movie using Lego pieces and stop animation to rebuild the Lego version of the movie in an animated short film

Jurassic World 2015 Official Trailer

Paul Hollingsworth along with his daughter Hailee teamed up with a team of experts consisting of master builders, musicians and animation professionals as they successfully enact the terrifying dinosaur scenes of chasing people and scary reptiles like T-rex eating away humans which are built from $100,000 worth of lego pieces and sets which normally would be unavailable to a general father daughter duo as Hollingsworth successfully proves the fact that anything can be build from Lego with the help of the Jurassic Lego World recreated using stop motion animation and lots of Lego.

LEGO JURASSIC PARK - Behind the scenes in making of the movie

The plastic world of Jurassic Park recreated by Father daughter duo in a short animation film is very similar to one of the Lego's short film trailer of Jurassic World which is going to be launching in June along with the original movie in 2015.

Lego Jurassic World Trailer

The new Jurassic park movie that is the 5th installment of the classic series is called the Jurassic World which features fearsome genetically modified dinosaurs which are highly intelligent and kills for sport as Chris Pratt and his team of trained dino-raptors go up against these mutant dinosaurs to save the park from a dino apocalypse. Bet you can't wait to watch the 5th edition of the thrilling Jurassic park this June as all dino lovers gear up to catch them in action. Meanwhile check out Lego's latest superhero animation movie Justice League vs Bizarro League.