Friday, 6 March 2015

Watch Angry Boyfriend knockout Girlfriend with WWE move

Angry boyfriend Joe Weller upset with his girlfriend's reaction to his favorite color blue decides to teach her a lesson by knocking her out with popular WWE superstars finishing moves

watch angry boyfriend knockout his girlfriend with WWE finishing moves via funny videos

Have you ever wished for once that you could give your annoying girlfriend a taste of how upsetting their reaction can be on their loving boyfriends? Well if you could get your girl to say I would do anything for you then it has to be this incredible wrestling wish of knocking her out with your favorite WWE superstars finishing move. Apparently YouTube star Joe Weller upset and angry about her girlfriend's reaction to his favorite color blue decides to do something about it because he likes wearing blue but his girlfriend doesn't like the color and saying so the WWE boyfriend vs girlfriend match begins with the swimming pool as the wrestling ring so that no one is actually hurt and the wrestling revenge goes on smoothly. Seeing her boyfriend upset about her reaction to his favorite color blue and his obsession with Wrestle mania, she agrees to let him knock her out with WWE moves.

Guy even Knocked his mother out with WWE moves

And so the WWE match up between the boyfriend and girlfriend began with Joe first knocked her girlfriend out WWE superstar Undertaker's chokeslam finishing move by grabbing her by throat and throwing her into the swimming pool and then was Batista's finishing move called the Batista bomb where he first hit his girlfriend in the stomach and then lifted her in mid air slamming her back into the swimming pool. Following that was John Cena's finishing move FU (Fireman's carry takeover) where Joe locked her girlfriend's body in between his shoulder and slammed her straight into the pool followed by some more of Undertake's incredible finishing maneuver called tombstone piledriver where you hold your opponent upside down with their head in between the knees and go for a jaw dropping drop to the ground.

Knocking out People in public with WWE finishing moves

Finally Joe finishes off his confused girlfriend with WWE superstar Randy Orton's finishing move RKO (jumping cutter) where he's seen finally satisfied having KO'ed his girlfriend for annoying him but finds himself in shock when sees twin sister of his girlfriend and confused whether he really gave all those WWE moves to his girlfriend or not, Joe finishes off both the twin sisters with WWE's finishing move DDT (Dramatic dream team) putting both the girls to sleep at the same time.

guy performs wwe finishing stunts on his girlfriend via funny videos
Guy performing WWE stunts on his girlfriend
Apparently this guy didn't even leave his mother alone from his WWE obsession as he even tried to knock his mother out with Randy Orton's RKO but failed as his mom got the better out of him as she punished him with Undertaker's chokeslam. Meanwhile the world has witnessed boyfriends testing their girlfriends love for themselves asking if they could try WWE finishing moves on their girlfriends but it seems either those relationships ended up breaking up right away or in an unfortunate case of misfortune it were girlfriends who gave their boyfriends a KO using this video as inspiration to deal with them using WWE finishing moves. lol those guys are totally owned ! :D How about you ? What was your girlfriend's reaction on being asked if they could be KO'ed by you. :P Hopefully I wish people don't actually start fighting like this in real life ! Please do not try this at home unless you have a swimming pool. :D