Friday, 6 February 2015

Watch Barber Punish Naughty kids with Old Man Haircut

Watch this U.S barber Rusty Fred punish naughty kids in his Georgia based salon A1 Kutz with his "Benjamin Button Special" also known as the "old man haircut" for free to discipline naughty kids

Watch this barber Rusty Fred punish naughty kids in his Georgia based salon A1 Kutz with his Benjamin Button Special aka the old man style for free to discipline naughty kids via bizarre photos and videos

Kids these days can be really hard to control especially when it comes to teaching them discipline as you love them and at the same time can't physically abuse them because that just makes things worse even more and thus parents have really tough time figuring out how to discipline their naughty kids as conventional ideas are no longer compatible. Well looks like a Georgia based salon A1 Kutz has come up with an interesting solution to punish these naughty kids by creating the ultimate punishment. Well barber Russell Frederick also known as Rusty Fred came up with his Benjamin Button Special also known as the old man haircut style which will basically give you the look of an old man's bald patch on your head and surprising thing is Rusty Fred is giving his Benjamin Button Special for free for the naughty unruly kids to help their parents get creative and teach them a lesson for not being disciplined by giving them the shock of their life as a youngster.

The things really get going for Rusty Fred's old man haircut when a single mother came with her unruly son to get him a Benjamin button special with the intention of adding a little shaming for her misbehaving kid at school to get him back on
Barber Rusty Fred creates the Ultimate punishment for naughty kids by giving them old man haircut for free via Benjamin button special
So you wana act grown...well now you can look grown too!
track. Rusty told that the old man hairstyle was just temporary and that kids will get back their young self back only when they start showing discipline that is their old man style will be converted to shaved hair style by shaving the remaining side hair and back hair.

The old man haircut went viral when Rusty Fred posted the pictures of this naughty kid on Facebook and Instagram making it go viral as few of them criticized the haircut by saying it an emotional abuse while most of the parents applauded the mother that brought the child in and the barber as well for coming up with an alternative punishment that actually works. Looks like parents with poorly discipline kids have got an evil punishment of the "old man" style for their naughty kids and fun part is Rusty Fred gives them for free. lol ! Unruly kids are totally owned ! :D

The hairstyle is adopted from the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" where the character played Brad Pitt ages backwards meaning he looks like an old man while he's still a young child due to a Progeria or the Benjamin Button disease. Apparently the first kid to get the Benjamin Button style was none other than Rusty's own 12 year old kid who won't listen to him and saying so the kid was punished with the old man look and it seems since than the kid has been acting disciplined and his grades have sky rocketed. So kids beware and behave otherwise you might just have to lose your youngster look to Rusty's evil "Old Man" haircut. :P
Barber Rusty Fred creates ultimate punishment for naughty boys by giving them an old man's haircut aka Benjamin Button Special for free via bizarre punishments
Fed up parents can now take their unruly kids to hairdresser Rusty Fred and ask for the 'Benjamin Button Special' which is Free
Meanwhile this incident of barber punishing naughty kids with old man haircut reminded me of Mr Bean where in he goes to the hair salon and finds himself stranded alone while the barber has to attend a call and a mother comes with her kids to get him a haircut thinking Mr Bean as the barber and the next thing you know is or hilarious Mr Bean has invented the Benjamin button style by giving the kid an old man style. :D

Mr Bean gives Kid the Benjamin Button Style

What do you think is shaming unruly kids with a bad haircut a good idea to include in your parenting ? or is it child abuse ? Anyways it's a child's nightmare to get that evil fashion statement and personally I would try anything to avoid that old man hairstyle. :D Good luck mates! ♫