Saturday, 6 June 2015

Guy proposes to Girlfriend the explosive James Bond Way

Filmmaker Andrew McMurry helped his brother Seth McMurry propose to his girlfriend Cymber Browder with an action packed James Bond sequel with a romantic twist at the end

Guy Proposes to girlfriend with an explosive engagement proposal the James Bond way via creative engagement announcement in an action movie
Well you must have watched and heard of numerous creative ways of announcing your engagement or proposing to the special one, and why not it’s a big deal after all to announce to the world your special day when you finally put the ring into your partners hand. Undoubtedly these are one of those memorable occasions which need a royal treatment depending upon the type of couple they are, Talking of which remember the hunt is over engagement announcement wherein the bride donned a hunter look while her boyfriend was hanging upside down like an animal, well you can say they were a wild couple. But this time around we have an action packed engagement announcement featuring the dashing spy James Bond teaming up with the gorgeous secret agent Cymber to fight their exe's from spoiling their engagement plans.(◐.̃◐)

James Bond Inspired Engagement Shoot

Well it all started when filmmaker and YouTube star Andrew McMurry decided to help his brother Seth McMurry propose to his long time girlfriend Cymber Browder with an explosive engagement proposal. Apparently Seth’s girlfriend Cymber always wanted to work in one of videos created by his big brother Andrew McMurry, which the two brothers used as a perfect excuse to implement their mission proposal in the form of a action packed James Bond sequel followed by a romantic twist. ♥

Wedding Entrance - The James Bond Style

Apparently Seth ever since meeting Cymber had fallen in love with her and even texted her that he is going to marry her and that to the message was written on their first day of meeting itself to which Cymber said yeah whatever. Saying so the action sequel began in Arkansas, NY with Seth acting as Jamed Bond and Cymber acting as secret agent fighting their sophisticated and angry exe’s who were firing at them from helicopters. In the middle of all this action you can see Seth and Cymber flirting with their eyes as Seth takes down the evil exe’s and protects Cymber from the oncoming crashed helicopter. While Cymber is unaware of romantic twist added by Seth and Andrew, she keeps on following the script as she faces the glowing sky while Seth quickly gets down on his knees with a ring on his hand, all ready for Cymber to turn and ask the million dollar question “Will you Marry me?” to which surprised Cymber cries out with a big Yes! Making the explosive engagement proposal a dreamy movie ending to the action movie with the only difference being that it was for real. ♥
Seth McMurry propose to his girlfriend Cymber Browder with an action packed James Bond sequel wherein after saving her from the explosions, Seth added the romantic twist with a ring via engagement announcement
Seth McMurry propose to his girlfriend Cymber Browder (Before and After scenes of the Explosive engagement proposal)
The explosive engagement twist at the end of the action movie quickly became the viral centerstage on YouTube as the video garnered huge amount of views with incredible amount of accolades for the couple from all over the world. Great work Andrew ! And we wish Seth and Cymber all the best in their journey as a lovely couple and thanks for this incredible proposal story. ♥♫