Tuesday, 7 April 2015

11 year old Autistic's incredible Artistic Precision

University Professor accidentally discovers her 11 year old autistic son's incredible talent of drawing things with incredible artistic precision while reproducing the World Map solely from memory

Just like dyslexics where people are wired differently, Autistic are people who are diagnosed with autism and come with special and extraordinary talents that are far more superior to that of an average person. Usually these people lack much of social interactions for being wired differently but see things which a normal person can't. One can say a special gift endorsed upon a chosen few by God who usually excel in fields of Mathematics and Art. Well this was the case with this 11 year old boy diagnosed with autism whose extraordinary autistic talents were unveiled before a class of University students in New York city, when their professor decided to accompany her 11 year old autistic son to one of her classes where the boy drew an incredible sketch of the world map on the white board with an incredible precision that stunned everyone in the class.
11 year old boy with autism draws world map with incredible precision and detailing using his sole memory via geniushowto.blogspot.com autistic talents and videos
11 year old boy with autism draws world map with incredible precision using just his memory to recreate it

11 year old boy with autism draws world map with incredible precision using just him memory to recreate it via geniushowto.blogspot.com genius kid documentaries
The finished World map drawn by the 11 year old boy displays his uncanny artistic precision and detailing
Her mother who apparently had already discovered her son's autistic talent of drawing things with incredible detailing while reproducing them solely from his memory, decided to showcase her son's incredible talent before her university class to display her son's powerful photographic memory that is often seen in world's top recognized autistic savants. Meanwhile Father of one of the students who was equally surprised as everyone else on witnessing the 11 year old's artistic talent, captured the pictures of the boy drawing the world map and his drawn world map and uploaded them on to internet where the incredible feat went viral on Reddit as everyone was applauding the boy's talent.

Man with Autism sketches the entire London City solely from his Memory - The Human Camera

Meanwhile on a closer look this 11 year old's talent are the same as that of renowned autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire whose talents came to limelight at the age of 4 and apparently ever since has achieved many incredible feats worldwide with his strikingly detailed and technically accurate drawings. Since his teenage years he has been traveling the world sketching famous buildings and cities with one of his incredible feats being drawing the entire London cityscape by just looking at the whole city for once in a mere 15 minute ride on an helicopter which earned him the title the human camera.

Boy with incredible brain - Extraordinary People from around the World

Certainly these geniuses hold the key to unlocking numerous possibilities that can't be seen by normal humans and although they lack the key to social interactions their talents certainly open the gates to vast amount of knowledge and creativity which create the social bonds through intelligence. Talking of incredible people with extraordinary talents here is story of Daniel Tammet who excels in mathematics and also happens to be one of the renowned savants who can calculate and solve any mathematical equations and calculate up to 100 decimal places of the solution in his head and learn any language in a week.Now that's what we call pure mathematical genius ! :D, Share the talent and spread social awareness about autism just like your did with ALS's ice bucket challenge.