Monday, 16 February 2015

Watch these Tiny Hamsters celebrate Valentine's Day

Two tiny little hamsters decide to celebrate the season of love on Valentine's day with their romantic dinner trip from Paris to Venice as they celebrate their Valentine's day date at Tiny Tony's Restaurant

Watch these tiny little hamsters celebrate Valentine's day with a date in Venice via cute pet videos

Watch these Tiny Hamsters celebrate Valentine's Day with a kiss and a date in Venice via cute pet videos
We kissed on our way to restuarant on the gondola ride
While the whole world was gearing up for the season of love, somewhere in the tiny part of the world two tiny little hamsters were planning their date for Valentine's day as they travel all the way from Paris to Venice to book a Valentine's day date table at Tiny Tony's Restaurant. Now isn't that adorable? The date begins with the two tiny hamsters getting ready for their romantic Italian date in Venice as they take a tiny gondola ride around a tiny canal in the city while having a kiss midway between the ride as the female hamster smooches her partner as he turns around . It begins with a small candle light dinner where they give each other flowers and eat them adorably moving on to Tiny Tony's Restaurant around the corner where they booked their dinner.

Watch these Tiny Hamsters celebrate Valentine's Day with romantic dinner date in Venice via cute pet videos
 Tiny Hamsters having a romantic dinner date in Venice at the Tiny Tony's Restaurant

While the two little hamsters are on their way Chef Tony prepares the special Valentine menu for the couple that is the delicious pericatelli pasta with red quinoa meat balls. Finally the two tiny hamsters arrive the restaurant and take their booked dinning table romantically decorated for the season of love with heart shaped furniture. Chef Tony serves the two adorable couples the special Valentine's day dinner as the two hamsters adorably eat them while looking into each others eyes as romantic music continues to play in the background. ♥ :)

Tiny Hamsters celebrate Thanksgiving

Now you can bet your Valentine's day wasn't as romantic as these guys :P and for those who had a relationship issue up until now hope will get back in their grooves in finding their romantic chemistry back again after watching these adorable tiny hamsters celebrate the season of love with warm and hearty feelings. Well the video went viral among all the lovers around the world and especially pet couples and owners, For those single on Valentine's day make sure cuddle with your cute pets and order a heart shaped pizza as your valentine. previously these hamsters were seen celebrating a hedgehog's birthday and a delicious thanksgiving dinner at their place. Wish everyone around the world a happy Valentine's day! ♥ Stay happy and keep your loved ones happier! :)