Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Angry Girlfriend glues naked Boyfriend to Wax Strips

Angry Girlfriend Dominika Petrinova upset over her boyfriend Erik Meldik's dog in the washing machine prank decides to get her revenge on his birthday by gluing him naked to to a bunch of wax strips stuck to the chair

Watch how angry girlfriend got her revenge on her naked boyfriend's birthday with glued wax papers to the chair to butt wax her boyfriend via geniushowto.blogspot.com funny prank videos

Well you must have seen angry boyfriend getting his revenge on his girlfriend but as they never leave a revenge without answering it back with another because a prankster needs to have a taste of their own medicine because without it they might end up being lifetime psychos. Well this was exactly the case with cute couples from Czech Republic where in boyfriend Erik Meldik pulled a fake prank of putting their pet dog Sam in the washing machine over her girlfriend Dominika Petrinova which made his girlfriend very furious and angry over the scary prank and decided to get back her revenge when Erik least expects it. Saying so it all begins on her boyfriends birthday as she plans to unleash a painful prank over Erik who is unaware of his girlfriends evil plans as he takes a refreshing shower in the bathroom.

Pet dog in the Washing Machine Prank

As Erik was just finished with the shower, his girlfriend tricked him to come with her for another birthday surprise while being blindfolded and donning just a towel. (◐.̃◐) Then Dominika made him sit on a separate furniture while see prepared the wax strips and glued them to a plastic chair. Then she took her boyfriend Erik near to the chair and pulled off his towel making him go naked and asked him to sit. Unsuspecting and excited boyfriend immediately sat on the chair expecting a romantic gift from his girlfriend but what happened next was simply hilarious and painful, as Erik realized his butt was glued to the chair and couldn't get up. Meanwhile Erik's girlfriend had a laughter of her life as she finally got her revenge back by watching Erik cry in pain to get rid of the wax strips.

Top 10 Girlfriend vs Boyfriend Prank vs Prank Moments

Erik can be seen screaming and trying free himself from the painful wax strips glued to the chair and eventually rips it off leaving behind the portion of ripped skin and hair as finally being freed Erik has a shy of relief by jumping into his comfy bed. Dominika reminds Erik that it was her revenge for the painful prank of using a fake dog in the washing machine to make her think that her beloved pet dog Sam was trapped in the washing machine and saying so she pulled a butt waxing prank in return as the special gift for her boyfriends birthday. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) We hope Erik wouldn't dare to prank his girlfriend for sometime now to fix his butt and hopefully your two psychos keep putting a evil smile on each other's face. :)