Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Watch 9 year old accidentally kill her UZI instructor

Watch how this 9 year old girl accidentally shot and killed her UZI instructor while the later trained him how to shoot with an automatic UZI gun as the shooting turned tragic

Watch how this 9 year old girl accidentally shot and killed her UZI instructor via Firearms shooting videos

Well Weapons never bring anything good out of them yet everyone likes to taste the cold beauty for once in their lifetime unaware of the fact that keeping a firearm is just inviting trouble in the near future which can be accidental or intentional. In yet another one of these horrifying incidents a 9 year old girl shot and killed her Shooting instructor with an automatic UZI sub-machine gun at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills near Arizona. The horrific incident was caught on camera by the girls parents as the Arizona shooting Instructor Charles Vacca(39) of Lake Havasu City stood besides the 9 year old girl and taugh her how to shoot the deadly UZI machine gun, for the first shot Vacca kept a hold on the gun as the girl shot her first shot but it was the second one which claimed the life of instructor as the later turned the gun to auto mode and this time didn't hold the girl telling her not to let go of the gun but unfortunately the little girl had no idea of the recoil power of the UZI sub-machine gun as she lost control of the gun and shot several shots at the Instructor with the video just showing the gun losing control and moving towards the Instructors head. Vacca was immediately airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas where he was pronounced dead. Last Stop outdoor shooting range apparently allows visitors to test fully automated firearms with age limit of 8 years, meanwhile Firearms safety experts admitted the fact that shooting ranges have an age restriction and a strict safety guideline while Instructors hold both the arms of children while shooting such high powered weapons which certainly was not the case in this incident as Vacca let the girl to shoot on her own and also switched the gun to auto mode for which he paid with his life. Surely this wouldn't have happened stricter safety guidelines were followed but yet again should kids be handed such powerful and dangerous weapons at such a small age? and not to forget the incident could have turned other way round as well, if girl would have shot herself by mistake. Hope the Firearms and Public Safety department make changes to usage of Firearms in terms of age guidelines and make safety top priority.