Thursday, 5 March 2015

Watch this Tortoise named Sheldon chase a Pit Bull

Best friends Sheldon a 8 year old tortoise and Dolly a 3 year old pit bull dog play a fun game of chase as the amazingly fast tortoise chases the pit bull around in the backyard

Watch Sheldon the tortoise chase pit bull dog Dolly, his best friend via amazing cute pet videos, dogs best friends tortoise

It is often said that rescued animals make great pets but certainly in this case they also make best friends as well. Well this was the case with rescued Sulcata tortoise and a pit bull terrier dog who apparently after being rescued by the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) hit it off the moment they saw each other and are now best friends forever. The 8 year old tortoise named Sheldon and his best friend Dolly a 3 year old Pit Bull terrier dog love to play the game of chase as the surprisingly fast tortoise Sheldon chases pit bull Dolly all around in the backyard. While tortoise Sheldon loves to chase pit bull Dolly around,he simply refuses to play a game of fetch with Dolly's favorite red ball while Dolly tries her best to get her best friend interested in the game of fetching balls while exercising together.

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According to Whitney Hanson the director of the nonprofit organization Sheldon and Dolly love playing chase as the pit bull tries to run away from the tortoise and Sheldon using his surprisingly fast legs chases Dolly all around in the backyard for hours. Although Sheldon's speed is no match for Dolly, his speed is quite fast compared to an average tortoise. Recently while passing through the animal rehabilitation center at HSNT, Dr. Cynthia Jones fell in love with the two animals as their bond of friendship left her speechless and immediately decided to adopt both the best friends as she wanted the little tortoise Sheldon to befriend her labrador retriever dog named Daisy.

Tortoises playing with various toys and enjoying fun Games

Having being adopted into a vegetarian family the best friend duo of tortoise Sheldon and pit bull Dolly became quickly friends with their owner's labrador dog named Daisy but their game of chase continued to remain the same as Daisy was uninterested and whenever the two dogs come out in the background the smart tortoise Sheldon would immediately make a straight chase for Dolly as he knows Daisy is uninterested in their little game of chase. This amazing friendship between the tortoise and the dog shows the fact that love has no boundary and that animals of different species can fall in love with each other just like this dog best friend with a tortoise. :) ♥ Way to go Sheldon and Dolly! We wish your friendship continues to grow even more and hope Daisy gets along as well . Hmm now I know the secret behind your fast legs Sheldon! it's the game of chase isn't it? :D

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