Friday, 12 February 2016

Watch Baby get Confused on Meeting her Dad Twin Brother

Watch this Baby girl get confused after meeting her Dad's Identical twin brother for the very first time as the Family reunites to capture the touching reaction on Camera

Watch this Baby girl get confused after meeting her Dad's Identical twin brother for the very first time via Funny Baby videos
Having Twin Brothers or sisters is one of best parts when it comes to pranking and confusing people especially those who are look alike identical twins and their life is superbly blessed ever since they are born, but this time it was a little baby girl who followed the trail of confusion as she met her Dad's identical twin for the first time and the Internet was awestruck watching her confused reaction as the two brothers came face to face before her. The little baby girl went to her uncle's house whom she has never met before and when she comes face to face before her uncle's eyes she is totally confused as she kept staring at both of them one by one as she was awestruck by how identical both his dad and uncle looked like. Her uncle took her in his lap and yet again she was checking on both of them as she was now confused as to who her real daddy is as her dad tried to get her back in his arms.

Baby meets dad's twin, but who's the Daddy?

Finally her uncle spoke "There's two of us, huh? You're confused, aren't you?" while her dad explained to her that it's her uncle to which she reacted with a touching smile and a heartwarming high five and a cool fist bump with her uncle. While adults react in a similar way on sight of seeing identical twins, this baby's reaction was the best as it touched everyone's heart and went viral among the Netizens. We are sure she will stay confused throughout her life as to whom to call daddy and who to call uncle when both the identical twins come face to face before her! :D

Baby gets confused on meeting Daddy's identical twin via twin trouble and viral baby reactions
Baby - Who's the da-da? Hmm You! oh wait him.
In yet another viral video of the same twin daddy trouble (shown above), the baby had a tough time discerning who the da-da was. The video posted by Ratpojanakul shows him and his brother Michael taking turns holding the baby and asking 'Who’s that?' which causes the baby to ask for Da-da. Just like in the case of the baby girl the child first points to Michael then back to Stephen and then again back to Michael. Well if you wondering who the daddy is than it's Stephen one on the left. And what was more funny was the fact that the twin brothers are married to set of twins as well. Oh Gosh may God have some mercy on that kid when he goes for the next round of Who's the mommy? :D