Thursday, 27 November 2014

Watch Dog dressed as Teddy Bear exercise on a Treadmill

Watch this cute Shih Tzu breed dog named Munchkin dressed as teddy bear Ted's girlfriend get her daily exercise on a treadmill

Watch a Shih Tzu breed dog named Munchkin dressed as teddy bear Ted's girlfriend exercise on a treadmill via adorable pet dog videos

Remember the foul mouthed teddy bear Ted who comes alive on an enchanting Christmas eve as wished by the little boy john Bennett? Well Ted was one hell of a miracle teddy bear who not only become beloved companion of John but every teenage kid with a stuffed teddy bear. While Ted is for real, a very few people know about his beloved girlfriend who actually is a toy pet dog of the Shih Tzu breed named Munchkin who dresses just like a teddy bear and everyone loves the adorable teddy bear dog exercising her daily routines especially Ted who loves her cuteness on the treadmill wagging her tail.

The adorable Shih Tzu teddy bear dog can be seen running on a treadmill as she gets her daily exercise for a slim and fitter body just like the way a Teddy bear deserves unlike the fat stuffed teddy bears. ♥ Yeah other stuffed animals must be jealous! no to forget the characters of Toy story. The Shih Tzu dog dressed in a teddy bear costume makes it look like a real teddy bear walking on it's own two feet giving it a realistic features as that of Ted just like in the movie adding to the cuteness of the character. Who know maybe in the next movie of Ted-2 Munchkin can be seen romancing opposite our beloved character Ted or something like John's kids asking another miracle wish on a Christmas eve. Here is another look of the star Munchkin getting out of the gym after her workout as she says hello to her fans. ♫

Munchkin the Shih Tzu Teddy bear (Ted's Girlfriend)

The whole talk about Ted and Munchkin would be pointless if you didn't see the movie Ted ! So here is a look at our beloved foul mouthed Ted who here is played by cute Munchkin disguising herself in the costume of a teddy bear just like a little Munchkin amusing you through all good and bad times. :) with only difference that this bear is funniest of all

Movie Ted Official Trailer 2012

Well if you haven't got a teddy bear yet then it's time you brought one or just gifted someone one! Who knows this Christmas we might see another talking teddy bear or just dress up your pets as teddy bears and enjoy as they did fit in any cute costume they wore. :) It kind of reminded me of Dachshund breed dogs who replaced characters of Dawson's Creek to remake their own version of Dachshund's Creek.
Munchkin the Shih Tzu dog dressed as teddy bear resembles the Star Wars furry biped natives of Endor called Ewoks via teddy bear dog
Munchkin will probably get a role in Star Wars as Ewok

While Munchkin although is a dog dressed as a teddy bear resembles Ted from the movie, on a closer look Munchkin looks very much like one of those furry bipeds native to the forest moon of Endor that appeared in the Star Wars Universe.It's a pure coincidence that today also marks the 30th anniversary of The Ewok Adventure in the Star Wars 1984's TV series.