Sunday, 26 October 2014

Watch How dogs Mourn the Death of their Owners

Watch how the Man's best friend mourns the death of their owner as the emotional dogs grieve the passing of their beloved companion

Watch how Man's best friend dogs mourns the death of their owners as the emotional being grieves the passing of their beloved companion via emotional dog videos

Dogs the man's best friend is not just epitome of loyalty but also love and friendship, the saddest part comes in when we have to deal with the passing away of a pet dog which no one can describe in words as to how this beautiful angelic creature longs only for ones love, even the food and shelter come in secondary for the adorable species of dogs. Overtime men has befriended the unique species and as the ages have passed numerous stories of their adventures and rescue have spread across the globe, in such a scenario the most painful it gets to lose your best buddy, who always had your back when you were sad or came tired after a long office or school hour or even longer jobs in war zones, words will be simply not enough to describe losing of a pet dog. But how about when the dog owner dies and the dog has to deal with the death of their owner? Yes it's incredibly painful for the poor creature to move on due to it's humble nature to stay loyal to their owners even in their deaths, as they carry forward the bond till the end of their lives. In the above video you will see a husky crying uncontrollably with sober gasps while lying on her owners grave as the family tries to console the poor dog, You might not cry watching a dog owner cry but you will definitely cry watching an pet dog or any other animal grieve because it's loving heart of we humans that we can't see an animal cry because it heavy feelings pierce directly through ones heart making it very emotional.

There have been numerous extraordinary stories of pet dogs dealing with their owners death but the above one certainly gives an idea how the dogs feel in the aftermath of their owners death, as dogs can sense death more strongly compared to motherly sixth sense in humans.

Ciccio the Italian Dog turns up to Dead Owner's Church everyday

Coming to another extraordinary story of a loyal dog we came across Ciccio, a 7 year old Italian German Shepherd who visits Santa Maria Assunta church in the village of San Donaci in Puglia everyday where he used to visit daily with his master until she died, but the loyal dog continues the tradition of visiting the church daily sitting next to the priest hoping for a reunion with his master. Surprising fact is Ciccio showed up at his masters funeral without anyone telling him about it,Young Ciccio however has found a new home as the villagers moved by his loyalty for his deceased master have adopted him as one of their own citizens giving him food, water and lots of affection.

Ciccio also reminds us of Hachiko, an Akita breed dog who spent 9 years of his life waiting for his beloved master at the train station whom he tried to stop 9 years ago from going to work as if he knew his death was coming. Even a movie was made featuring the legend of True friendship and love which you can watch below:

Hachiko: A Dog's Tale (inspired by a True Story from Japan)

Another dog story which was very similar to Hachiko and Ciccio was that of Capitan who also had to deal with his masters death, with the only difference being that these dogs had different breeds with Capitan being a German Shepherd never left his masters grave for 6 years showing his unshakable love for his owner even in his death, and most of all just like Ciccio, Capitan too found his masters grave on his own.
Capitan a German shepherd dog never left his dead owners grave for 6 years via emotional dog videos
dog named Tommy refused to leave his owners grave site while cutting itself from all food and water via emotional dog videos
Ron a bull terrier mourning his owners loss as police had no idea on how to deal with his grieve as the dog rejected all food and water via emotional dog videos
Among loyal dogs who refused to leave their deceased owners site, few popular pet dogs include Tommy, Ron, Leao and Hawkeye where Tommy and Ron(bull terrier) refused eat or drink anything as they mourned their beloved owners death and left only when the family members intervened and took them back to their home as a reminder of the deceased. Meanwhile Leao lost his master in Rio de Janeiro floods in 2011 and Hawkeye lost his master in the line of duty with each of them paying incredible tribute to their masters while staying by their side as they did when they were alive.

Dog Mourns his Dead Puppy friend

Dogs aren't just loyal to humans they also show the same affection for their own breeds as well especially those roam around in the streets as buddies and whenever they get in trouble the other one is always their to help them out, however in the growing cities due to huge traffic and rash driving no body is safe, as these companions lose their bonds due to unfortunate accidents like in the video above.

Of all these stories the three common things that one could observe is the fact that dogs no matter what species they are they never shed their bonds with their masters and friends even after their death while their mourning can continue until their death unless a family member intervenes.Finally dogs carry on the title of man's best friend selflessly sticking to their owners side for eternity. So love dogs, rescue them and have the best buddy of your lifetime that no human can ever become. :'(