Sunday, 28 September 2014

Watch Incredible 5 year Old Boy do 90 Degree Pushups

Watch how an Incredible 5 year Old Boy, Claudio Stroe does 90 Degree Pushups with ease and most of all with an athletic smile on his face

Watch how an Incredible 5 year Old Boy, Claudio Stroe does 90 Degree Pushups with ease via Incredible sports videos

How often do you do pushups? How many pushups can you do? These are the most interesting questions among teens and you can bet they hardly go beyond 40-50 pushups as they brag about their bodybuilding exercise score but they all won't be doing so after they watch this video of an incredible 5 year old Boy, Claudio Stroe who not only can do more than 300 pushups at a time but also trains harder than any other athlete has ever done and that to at the age of 5 who already has a body that of a bodybuilder, all thanks to his dad who trains him and his elder brother Giuliano Stroe (7 years old) in Bodybuilding and Gymnastics with Claudio's elder brother Giuliano a bit more powerful than him for obvious reasons of him being ahead of Claudio in terms of amount of Training hours spent practicing the most difficult of exercises and moves. Meanwhile young Claudio is all fired up to become as good as his elder brother while following his Father's Power training schedule regularly along with his elder brother Giuliano. In the video Claudio is shown doing one of the most toughest bodybuilding exercises and that is none other than the massive 90 degree pushups which requires the athlete to first push his body balanced horizontally to the ground while supported by both hands placed near the waistline and then pushing it vertically upwards aligned vertically to the ground and then coming back to the same horizontal position. Claudio did about 15 90-degree pushups with a smile on his face before his hands gave up and jumped back with a twinkling smile as if stating I will do more than this the next time. I bet majority of us wouldn't be able to do that what these two kids do and undoubtedly have an amazing future ahead of them.

If you were mesmerized by Claudio's 90 degree pushups than wait till you watch superstar brothers Giuliano and Claudio do the 90 degree handstand pushups on the Gymnast Bar in classic display of power while challenging the bodybuilding superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger with their perfectly toned up body achieved through tones of practice put together in the power training under the guidance of their dad Iulian Stroe as they perform extraordinary acrobatic feats with ease as if they are the sons of Krypton.By the way they have broken several world records at world stage.
Meanwhile many people debated on the topic should kids at young age be put through such gruesome and tough training? With the majority of them voting "No" and that Kids should be allowed to be kids and that it's unhealthy while others debated can you produce such world class athletes without a Good trainer and that Kids are doing great just like many of the star icons who were put through tough hardwork in their childhood by their parents to attain the stardom they have today all because of their parents, but some kids have natural nack for doing exraordinary things on their own like this 4 yr old kid who mastered nunchuck skills by just watching Bruce Lee's videos. What do you think, should kids be subjected to such harsh training or not?