Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Watch Scientists find a way to Unboil boiled Eggs

Watch how scientists at the University of California, Irvine found a way to unboil hard boiled eggs in their attempt to aid cancer research projects for cheaper drugs

Watch Scientists find a way to Unboil boiled Eggs turning it into an example of reversible process via major science breakthrough videos

While as a average person we thought of playing games with raw eggs and having fun with hard boiled eggs in our kitchen in terms of both easy recipes and pranks, the scientists at the University of California, Irvine were contemplating about things that no average person can even think of, not to forget we also have how to manuals for how to boil an egg itself. These scientists were indulged in trying to "Unboil" hard boiled eggs as they were trying to figure out a way to avoid the protein samples in their compounds from mixing up as they would intermix when subjected to various experiments in the chemical lab. So these chemists thought if they could find a way to undo a boiled egg to it's liquid state, then they could very well apply the research to costlier proteins like antibodies which would further aid the costly cancer research projects by making the process a lot cheaper with their new found discovery of unboiling a hard boiled egg which will make the cancer and other expensive drugs a lot cheaper than the ones already in the usage.
scientists used urea to convert boiled eggs back to their liquefied unboiled egg form via major science breakthroughs
An Unboiled Boiled egg ! lol !

The chemists team lead by Dr. Gregory Weiss's task was to come up with an invention which can pull apart tangled proteins and allow them to refold to their original state that is lysozyme the clear protein that once was egg. To do this scientists started with egg whites boiled for 20 minutes at 90 degrees Celsius and returned a key protein in the egg to working order, then Dr. Weiss and his colleagues injected urea into the eggs to liquefy the hardened proteins of the boiled egg. After the liquefaction process the collided proteins are separated and returned to their original form using the vortex fluid device, which spins material at high speeds to straighten tangled molecules and returns them to their original shape. The high powered machine is designed by Professor Colin Raston of South Australia's Flinders University which utilizes the principle of applying shear stress within thin micro fluid films to those of tiny pieces forcing them back to their untangled and proper form.

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Dr. Gregory Weiss the chemistry professor of UCI had his eureka moment when he and his colleagues succeeded in inventing a way to unboil hard boiled eggs which was faster than the industrial production by a whooping factor of 1000. Generally in the pharmaceutical department the production of expensive drugs is slower and time consuming to avoid the proteins from getting entangled but this new process of unboiling will certainly make things a lot faster and cheaper especially for drugs required in cancer treatment and other complex molecules that are manufactured for use in healthcare and food production. Certainly a major breakthrough in science with the beginning of 2015, hope world will be a lot healthier and less costlier while people will continue to enjoy their delicious egg salad and omelette without having to turn them back to unboiled ones. :D And probably science textbooks will strike off the example of boiled eggs from irreversible processes back to reversible ones.