Saturday, 28 February 2015

Science behind the Dress Color that Broke the Internet

The Internet was divided into two after the debate started on what color is this $77 dress as some said it was white and gold while others said they saw the color of the dress as blue and black

internet's burning question what color is this dress, white and gold or black and blue find out with science via dress that broke the internet
The Dress which broke the Internet ! 
Just when we thought we humans can live together despite our differences, the new threat called "the Dress" appeared which apparently is dividing the whole world into two based on what color they see on the dress as some said it was white and gold while the others said it was black and blue. It all started when a Tumblr user Swiked who apparently is a magician went shopping and discovered this $77 dress at a shop where the dress color visible to her was white and gold but to her fellow friends it looked like blue and black. Confused if her friends were playing pranks on her she turned to internet where she posted a picture of the dress on Tumblr and the rest was history as millions of people were found debating themselves on the color of the dress and the world went crazy over it.
What color do you see - white and gold or blue and black via the dress color debate - finding answer with Science
Internet's burning dress color debate - What do you see ?
what color is this dress - white and gold or blue and black, using science to find the answer of internet's burning question via dress that broke the internet
White and Gold or Black and Blue ?
With many celebrities joining the debate the color of the dress became the burning topic in every household, news and numerous gossip lines. Like for example celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Ellen DeGeneres all found themselves disagreeing with the color of the dress. While some said it was a terrorist plot to divide their nations based on the grounds of color blindness as others reported that the dress color debate broke several relationships. Among all this the fancier ones took the help of humor to support their visible color by taking on social media with their white and gold colored cats or iphones and stating that obviously these are blue and black as neither side would budge based on what dress color they saw, breaking the internet into two colored groups. Based on a survey it was found that about 80% of the world population saw the dress color as white and gold while 20% saw it as black and blue.

Taking help of Science to Solve the Mystery of the Dress Color

After witnessing the numerous dress color arguments, memes and humorous explanations, it looks like we need to take the help of the science to solve the issue and come with the final answer as to what color this dress is. At a closer look one can see that the dress actually consists of all the colors answered by people all over the world but the majority of the portion being white and gold and a bit of blue and black on the boundaries. So why are people saying they see different colors for the same dress, well it has a reason. According to science it's all about the way human brain has evolved to distinguish between various colors they see through their eyes and how they perceive it. Also if you move the dress from dimmer light source to a brighter one you will see that color changes from blue and black to white and gold, so basically the color contrast is related to the light source in which you are viewing the dress.
Using science to find the answer to internet's burning question , what color is this dress via dress that broke the internet
Science says the answer to the color of this dress is both white & gold and black & blue
According to various neuroscientists all human eyes see the same color reflected by the dress but the way they perceive all depends on the way their brains are wired, meaning it's the brains neuro-connectivity to connect the various colors learned to what seen through eyes and for some people it is wired differently and thus they perceive the dress color as blue and black while others see it as white and gold.And also the dress color depends on the amount of light falling on it which can pretty much change the color of the images clicked easily. So based on Science the color of the dress is both white & gold and blue & black based on your brains color sense. So here we have people the debate it over the final answer is all answers are correct while the actual color reflected by the dress remains the same.

The Dress Color Debate

Hopefully now the dress gate controversy would be put to silence and the dress color debate would no more break the internet ! :D Hmm probably the designer of that dress added a touch of illusionary magic to that fabrics of this dress as people started arguing over the heated debate of the color of the dress. So here is what science says about the dress color:
  • Color Constancy: phenomenon where surrounding lighting affects the way brain perceives the color of an object, Where bright background would make one see a white and gold dress and those with low or artificially dim lights will see it as black and blue.
  • Being wired differently: Apart from color constancy some people who are wired differently like the dyslexics or others also perceive the color differently as well.So the final answer is the dress is originally black and blue in color! :)

Hmm so now don't go running around to the doctor asking if you are color blind or need contact lenses because you are perfectly alright it's just that the dress looks different colored to various people all depends on the amount of lighting in which they are viewing the photo because obviously the reflected colors would vary the actual dress color contrast perceived by the eyes and for some it's just that their brain perceives it differently in matching the colors to the image visible to them. Yippee! Science has finally solved the mystery of the dress color that was creating havoc everywhere on the internet especially in the world of fashion designing! :D ♫