Thursday, 14 August 2014

Watch this 10 yr Old Blind Boy perform the Blues

Watch this 10 year old Blind boy,Felix De St-Hilaire from Quebec perform the soulful Blues as he sings and plays it on Guitar

atch this 10 year old Blind boy,Felix De St-Hilaire from Quebec perform the soulful Blues as he sings and plays it on Guitar via music prodigy videos

Well people say you need to learn the notes of the popular music written by legends from the sheet music to learn them but here is an exception who not only performs the Blues like the legends but also doesn't use any music teaching to do it, Yes! Felix De St-Hilaire a Canadian from Quebec who is blind and is now 10 years old can perform the Blues just like the legends in fact he has taught music to himself all on his own. His Mother recollects of him born blind due to premature birth and then Felix's fascination with sounds and the turning point came in when Felix started playing music on his own. Surprised family gifted him a guitar when he was just 6 yrs old and were astonished as he started playing the guitar notes on his own. Surprised Family knew although Felix is blind he's been gifted with a soulful gift for music with Felix's favorite artists being none other than the great artists B.B. King, Charley Patton and Robert Johnson. Felix's incredible music talent came to limelight when he attended the Quebec Foundation for the Blind's summer camp where he played B.B. King’s “Every Day I Have The Blues” while singing and playing guitar on his lap. His instructors and the director of the Camp were surprised to see a music prodigy in little Felix and knowing the fact that he was blind, he was as good as the legends as he taught himself the blues music and even the language barrier wasn't able to stop him from learning them. The Director of the camp decided to make a video of Felix playing B.B. King’s “Every Day I Have The Blues” and posted it on Youtube where it immediately went viral as people were surprised to see a young blind boy play just like the legends. On being interviewed Felix about the attention world is giving to him he replied "I don’t mind the fame. In fact, I embraces it.“I’m a star!” " which clearly shows the amount of confidence the boy has in music and one can say the boy is going to become one of the music prodigy's to rule the world of music in coming years. We wish little Felix, the Music Prodigy all the luck for his future as his music has already gone viral on the Internet.