Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Watch Flight Attendant dance to tunes of Uptown Funk

Watch gorgeous flight attendant entertain passengers on board by dancing to the tunes of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars popular music track Uptown Funk

Watch Flight attendant dance to the tunes of Uptown funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson via amazing music videos

By now you must have seen many cool cover videos of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's popular music track "Uptown Funk" like the students and teacher Scot Pankey's dance version of the uptown funk performed at a High School in Texas followed by killer performance of uptown funk put forth by Child stars on Glee, elderly version of uptown funk performed by old people and the family guy version of Uptown funk in cartoon voices. But this time around the song really went uptown with flight attendant using the opportunity to make passengers boring flight a bit entertaining by dancing to the tunes of uptown funk as the passengers had a great time on board watching live performance of uptown funk on board by their gorgeous flight attendant adding a twist of funkiness to their long and boring air traveling experience.

Kids Dance Routine to the Uptown Funk - 8 yr old

The video recorded on board by a passenger shows the flight attendant busting a move on board as the uptown funk music track runs in the background, uplifting everyone's mood on board as she dances in the aisle entertaining passengers on board with dance moves from the music track. Delighted passengers can be seen applauding her as they have great time flying with their rockstar flight attendant. Certainly she added a twist of funky joy to the long mundane air travels and added one more reason as to why you should fly with their airlines.

Uptown Funk Step by Step Dance Tutorial

Seriously with recent airplane disasters things like these can really brighten up those boring safety announcements and also make the skies a lot more friendly for the passengers with funky dancing and uplifting entertainment. Meanwhile the internet reacted by making the video as one of the best flight announcements of the year as the video went viral among the netizens. By the way if you are eager to learn the dance steps to Uptown Funk choreography than check out the amazing step by step dance tutorial above which will teach you how to dance to the tunes of Uptown Funk just like the 8 year old Aidan Prince in the video above. ♫ In case you wish to sing the track the karaoke way then check out the lyrics to the song here. Have fun ! ♫♪