Thursday, 5 March 2015

Watch Baby Elephant defend against Attack of 14 Lions

Watch how this brave Baby Elephant Hercules defended himself against the vicious attack of group of 14 lions at Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia

Watch how this brave Baby Elephant Hercules defended himself against the vicious attack of group of 14 lions at a safari camp in Zambia via wildlife viral videos

As a kid you must have heard of numerous stories about those ant and elephant stories wherein the ant wins against the elephant with the morale that size doesn't matter in order to accomplish something. So here we are with an incredible wildlife story of a baby elephant who got separated from it's heard near the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia and found himself in a life threatening position surrounded by a vicious group of 14 lionesses at the Luangwe Park in Zambia. Meanwhile passing by tourists consisting of a team of journalists, TV personalities and their safari guide witnessed and captured the whole incident as they were worried that they might have to witness the killing of the baby elephant as it was an unfair showdown between 1 baby elephant vs 14 vicious lionesses.

Pride of lions try to take down an Elephant herd

The lionesses attacked the little elephant from behind trying to take down it's legs, at one point 4 of them were riding on the poor elephant hooking their sharp claws on to its thick skin but the baby elephant although a baby decided to fight back as it frantically started shaking them off one by one by kicking and charging at them and finally running into the nearby ravine to take shelter in the waters which fended of the lions a bit as the baby elephant often charged at them to scare them away and the splashing water and the vibrating ground certainly helped fend off the lionesses.

What it is like to be charged by an angry elephant

The prideful lionesses were not going to give up so easily so they tried like 9 to 10 times before the baby elephant finally got reunited with his mother and the rest of its herd. It was quite fortunate and brave for the little elephant to go against the group of lionesses and survive and certainly earned him the befitting nickname of mighty "Hercules" whose power was equivalent to 20 elephants with here the exception of the little baby elephant Hercules was equivalent to that of 14 lions. :) Way to go Hercules! Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" will surely be looking up to your future adventures with your new found fame as the lone lion survivor and fighter of the Elephant safari in Zambia. Hercules new found fame will certainly earn him the leadership of the herd in the future and we wish him all the best till then! ♥