Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Watch Adorable Rat Dexter who Hates Broccoli

Watch this little adorable rat named Dexter who simply hates Broccoli and doesn't even allow the monstrous green thing near it throwing it constantly out of his little elbow room

Watch Dexter the rat who hates Broccoli just like other Broccoli hates but in a adorable way via geniushowto.blogspot.com adorable cute pet videos

You probably thought that if you brought a pet that eats broccoli then may be your family with broccoli haters will start accepting the green vegetable in their diet but what if the pet you brought is also a broccoli hater? Hmm then those green foods are as good as garbage because they will probably throw them in the dustbin or sneak them under the table or onto someone's plate who likes them. Well this was the case with our little adorable rodent friend named Dexter who although a rat simply can't stand broccoli, forget about eating them Dexter doesn't even allow the cruciferous veggie near it. In the video the mother of the pet Dexter can be seen offering him Broccoli with words "It's nice and it's good for your health!" but Dexter the rat simply rejects them so what the mother does is she drops it in his little elbow room but next thing you see it him taking out the piece of broccoli with his tiny hands and throwing it out of his room, even after repeated attempts by Dexter's mom he continued to reject it as if it was some alien thingy or should I say kryptonite as Dexter didn't even allow the broccoli to stay near it.
Hmm maybe Dexter's mom needs to come up with some delicious Broccoli snack to convince the little fella to eat them away without detecting them something like done with kids who don't eat broccoli but with certain hideous snacks they eat them without detecting the little cruciferous veggie. Something like a mix of rats favorite cheese and the healthy Broccoli, may be a delicious Broccoli Cheese Soup might help. :D

How to Make Excellent Broccoli Cheese Soup

Dexter the Rat who Hates Broccoli and denies it any ground  "Broccoli get out of my room, I hate you!" via geniushowto.blogspot.com cute pet videos
Broccoli get out of my room ! I hate you !
Did you know Broccoli is loaded with essential nutrients and therapeutic properties which can help with autism, arthritis, cancer & heart diseases, helps body produce natural sunscreen properties for the body and also a very good source of calcium helping your bones and teeth to grow stronger. For best optimum health results eat lightly steamed broccoli or eat them raw. And for broccoli haters try some new cooking techniques or recipes to get them into your families diet without getting them detected or hating them. May be Dexter will get to love Broccoli some day ! :D or continue his war against Broccoli along with other broccoli haters. ♥