Thursday, 29 January 2015

Watch Ted is back with Ted 2 Official Trailer (2015)

Our beloved dirty talking teddy bear Ted is coming back this summer of 2015 as he embarks on a journey to legalize his furry life from getting married to having kids and off course drugs, booze and lots of comic action

Watch our beloved Teddy Ted is back with Ted 2 Official Trailer (2015) as the movie is set to be released in this summer of 2015 via comedy movies trailer 2015 videos

Remember the humorous dirty talking teddy bear Ted who comes alive on wish of a little boy John on a Christmas eve, well 2015 has started off with a blast as Ted is back this summer of 2015 with his new comedy movie Ted 2 where he embarks on a journey to legalize his little furry life in human world as gets married to his long time cashier girlfriend Tami-Lynn from the previous movie Ted 1 to having kids and finally settling down but things turn wary when Ted has problem finding a sperm donor for his kids and legalizing himself as a miracle human or teddy bear. While he struggles to get his life legalized as his buddy John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) keeps him accompany in his struggle to qualify in the eyes of law as a person in order to be a parent with his wife Tami-Lynn. In the process Ted comes across the beautiful and gorgeous lawyer Samantha Jackson (played by Amanda Seyfried) who will help him legalize himself as an equal and while we are talking about the foul-mouthed Ted how can we forget about not inviting trouble where in the trailer encounters sex jokes, Justin Bieber, car crashes, drug mafia, guns & bullets and lots of comical action scenes which fit perfect for the next movie of Ted (voice played by Seth MacFarlane). We already know from the Ted 2 official trailer that our summer holidays are definitely going to be a lot of fun as the buddy comedy of middle-aged man John and his foul-mouthed living teddy bear Ted is expected to be one of the biggest live action CG-animated comedies of the year.
Watch Ted is back with Ted 2 Official Trailer (2015) via scene 1
Ted and John having a try at the scuba diving in movie Ted 2
Well we just hope the dynamic duo of John and Ted along with their lawyer Samantha Jackson (Samuel L. Jackson) find a way to fight the legal craps of becoming a parent as the law witnesses a bear fighting a never seen before legal battle to have a child with his human girlfriend Tami-Lynn. Here are a few moments from the movie Ted 2.
Watch Ted is back with Ted 2 Official Trailer (2015) via scene 2
Samantha Jackson , John and Ted having a stair down at someone's dropping off butt at the coffee shop from the movie Ted 2
In case you missed the very first Ted movie than you definitely want to put it on your watch list as you will rarely see such incredible comedy movie. You can follow the latest updates about Ted 2 on #legalizeTed :D Here is a trailer for you from the first movie: