Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Watch 7 Year old catch Santa Claus on Hidden Camera

Watch how 7 old boy named Evan caught Santa Claus in action on Christmas eve with the help of hidden camera and his adorable reaction to the evidence that Santa is real

Watch how 7 old boy named Evan caught Santa Claus in action on Christmas eve with the help of hidden camera and his adorable reaction to the evidence that Santa is real via geniushowto.blogspot.com how to catch Santa on Christmas videos

One of the biggest magical mysteries of Christmas is Saint Nicholas, who is none other than the white bearded man in red that is everyone's most awaited man of the year, Santa Claus who brings everyone's wished gifts for them. Every year kids around the world try their best on Christmas eve to have a glimpse of the magical Santa Claus, while many others try to prove that Santa Claus is real. This was the case with 7 year old Evan who wanted to know who used to drop gifts for hims and his family under the Christmas tree while he and his family are fast asleep dreaming of what gifts they will get the next morning. This Christmas of 2014, Evan was determined to catch the magical mystery man Santa and to do this he brought his brother's GoPro camera and hid it in living room near the Christmas tree waiting to catch Santa on the hidden camera in the footage recorded overnight. Meanwhile behind the background Evan’s uncle Dean Fisher shot the secret Santa magical with himself playing the role of secret Santa and editing the footage as well to add the magic of Christmas to the footage shot while pulling an all nighter for Evan's chuckle on getting his answer whether Santa is real or not?

The next day Evan is shown the footage of the previous night recording wherein Evan is surprised to see kitchen lights go on automatically while hearing the sounds of jingle bells and reindeer hooves and then his magical moment appears when
7 yr old Evan catches Santa Claus red handed on Christmas eve of 2014 via geniushowto.blogspot.com Christmas surprise gift videos
Mission accomplished: Santa caught on Christmas eve by 7 yr old Evan
father of Christmas Santa appears out of nowhere from a puff of smoke and then jumps on to eat the Christmas cookies left for him on the table. Elated Evan unable to belief his eyes is fixated on the screen while clapping his hands with excitement and that's when Santa using his magical powers adds Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree with a snap of a finger and surprisingly catches the hidden camera set up by Evan's brother there to catch him and so he snaps his fingers again to switch off the camera, proving to Evan that Santa is real and that he has succeeded in catching him. Surely Evan's uncle made his Christmas great and for other kids as well around the world who wanted to belief in the Christmas spirit of Santa and catch St Nick of Christmas red handed distributing their presents. Excited Evan gave high fives to all his family members adding that hope Santa doesn't put them on the naughty list for filming him during the gift distribution eve on Christmas.

8 year old Catches Santa Claus on his Dad's Camera on Christmas Eve

Way to go Evan you got Santa this time who has been escaping everyone's eyes for quite a long time now. And surely we got the proof as well that Santa is for real. By the way Merry Christmas to everyone and here is a bonus Christmas video above of a 8 year old who caught Santa 5 yrs back just like Evan on camera using his dad's camera. Have fun, enjoy your gifts and have a fun winter holiday.