Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Watch How Christmas Eve united the Soldiers of WWI

Watch how Christmas eve united the British and German soldiers during the WWI era in 1914 as Christmas Truce, featured in Sainsbury's new Christmas Ad

Watch how Christmas eve united the British and German soldiers during the WWI era in 1914 as Christmas Truce, featured in Sainsbury's new Christmas Ad via Emotional humanity videos

As a kid we all believe in those Christmas stories while listening and singing to those enchanting Christmas carols but as we grow although we might all have figured out all those questions we had but still we all celebrate and narrate the same stories to upcoming generations as well. You must have heard of Christmas surprises but have you ever heard of it in one of those conflicting places of war except for those homecoming soldiers, so here we have one of the historic moments in world history that witnessed Christmas eve bringing the British soldiers and German soldiers together in the era of World War I (WWI). It was Pope Benedict XV's idea to have a temporary interruption of the war for Christmas eve but obviously which was rejected by stubborn Countries on war to accept any type of cease fire between enemy troops, but it was humanity and spirit of the Christmas that won as the soldiers declared their very own unofficial holiday cease fire which is popularly known as the Christmas Truce of 1914.

Since it was one of the iconic movements of the world history many of us might not be aware of it. So Sainsbury's supermarket decided to let everyone know of this historic Christmas eve that united enemy soldier to celebrate
Christmas Truce of 1914 WWI one of the touching peaceful and humane moments of World War I via Christmas brings peace
with their latest ad campaign in which both British soldiers and German soldiers are trying to remember their families on the dawn of Christmas eve amid war that's when carol singing starts of in one of the posted battalions to which enemy soldiers started singing as well that's when one of the courageous soldiers from the allied lines jumped out of trenched and onto no mans land to gift a pack of chocolate to a enemy German soldier. Everyone thought it was a trick to attack them but seeing Germans and British soldiers coming out of their trenches one by one without weapons everyone started jumping on to the no mans land as they greeted each other Merry Christmas followed by exchange of gifts, loved ones memories and played like they were never enemies but brothers until sounds of shell exploding sends everyone back to their post ending the happy Christmas Truce, a real emotional touchy scene reminding that humanity still survived in the war although they were at war with each other. So the Sainsbury's Christmas advert ended with the theme line "Christmas is for sharing".If you love compelling storytelling and want to know what actually happened on that day of Christmas eve then have a look at the Christmas Truce of 1914 below:

What Happened on the Christmas Truce of 1914

This goes to state that Christmas spirit does bring peace and happiness to those who believe and it even withstood in the harshest situation of wars. While the Christmas Truce ad of Sainsbury's brought tears to those were not aware of this historic fact as the warm emotions flowed in through, on the other hand others showed negative response for usage of WWI scenes to promote their brands. But nonetheless it will surely be a symbol of restoring peace in humanity just like our ancestors did in the past meaning the story is to spread the spirit of Christmas and that everyone needs Christmas more than war. While saying so I Can't really wait for Christmas ! :D Wish everyone around the world a Merry Christmas! :) ♥