Saturday, 27 September 2014

Watch How to Outrun a Sprinter with Freestyle Running

Watch how Professional Freestyle runners Outrun World Number 2 Sprinter Yohan Blake with Incredible moves to Catch a Cruise

Watch how Professional Freestyle runners Outrun World Number 2 Sprinter Yohan Blake with Incredible Freestyle moves and Tricks via Extreme Sports videos

When running against a professional sprinter one thing that you can expect without a doubt is they easily catching up to you in no time but that's only when you are trying to compete with them in their own game, How about a little twist? Well logically thinking running in straight tracks will be advantageous to Sprinters which might not be helpful to you at all, How about challenge them with freestyle running! Freestyle running will certainly make things interesting for our Sprint racer opponent. Well to test this World no 2 sprinter Yohan Blake was challenged while being pitted against Britain's best freestyle runners who all the way from Britain hopped on to Jamaica to take on the world no 2 pro sprinter Yohan Blake. The freestyle runners were actually a group of 4 stunt men from the sets of latest Avengers flick and agreed to do the oversea freestyle running especially when told it was against the world number 2 Sprint Racer. The whole challenge was recorded as a special video created to celebrate "Thomson Cruises" new sailings from Caribbean islands.

The racing sequel starts with one of the Thomson cruise ships signaling their departure from the island as the horn sound alarms the 4 freestyle runners shopping somewhere in the middle of the island as they rush to the harbor to catch the sailing Thomson cruise while overcoming hills(cliffs in Negril), waterfalls (Dunn’s River Falls), buildings and hell lot of obstacles(market stalls in Ocho Rios) with their incredible freestyle moves including jumping from tall buildings. During the sequel two of the runners overtake Yohan Blake on the tracks who was just about to start of the block. Although Yohan Blake catches up to them with his lightening speed but certainly they beat him in the starting block outsmarting an outrun they couldn't have won fairly in Blake's domain. Afterwards the group hopes on to motor boats and finally catches the already left Thomson Dream cruise as the Dreamrunners finish the challenge. Certainly an amusing commercial video pitting the worlds best sprinter against professional freestyle runners which must have surely entertained the passengers of Thomson Dream while Yohan Blake was left behind with his iconic winning move left all alone in the midst of the Traveling Cruise.This Challenge reminds of the tube race between Man vs Train to the next stop.:D