Thursday, 25 September 2014

Watch power of the Google Glass in Short Film Captions

Watch how Filmmaker taps on to the power of Google Glasses and Translation in Trending Short Film "Captions" as the film beautifully eliminates the cultural boundaries in terms of communication

Watch how Filmmaker taps on to the power of Google Glasses and Translation in Trending Short Film

Well Google Inc has always been looking for new technological ways to make things easier for people and most of all to help people at both cultural and International levels using technology with products like Google Glass, Google Fiber, Google Translate, Google Docs, Chrome, Youtube, Android, Google Maps and the list continues with most used Gmail and Google Search but their latest project Google Glasses is considered an underdog while competing with Facebook's Oracle but nonetheless Google Glasses main motto is simple glass eyewear that helps you do exactly what you want and the motto couldn't have been explained better in this currently trending viral short film called captions which taps on to the power of Google Glass and Translation to eliminate the language barrier existing between cultures with even Google showed appreciation by sharing it on their official Facebook Page.

In the short film Captions depicts a Young Traveler traveling across Mexico for great locations for photography while using his Google Glass to access the perfect location when he comes across San
Watch power of the Google Glass in Short Film Captions via all things you can do with google glasses
Explore with the Glasses!
Antonio de las MiƱas, Mexico at Orphanage Estado 29 where accidentally his eyes fall on an injured boy who supposedly was bit by a snake and was in a critical situation. The Young traveler wanted to help the boy but being a foreigner their language barrier made it a problem for them to communicate as the boy was frightened of him and that's when Google Glasses comes to the rescue with the help of translate app installed on Google glasses that convert users speech into your language. The Traveler first a fall analyzed the boys language in the Glass and then made the boy wear them and it was just that part that eliminates the language barrier as now the boy fully understands what the foreigner is speaking as he tends to his snake bite and than rushes him to the nearest hospital where the nurse, also a Glass wearer easily interpret what the traveler was saying and quickly save the boys life by removing the poison and it's later in the film the boy's caretaker reveals the fact that she runs an institution for Orphans and that the injured boy was one of the adventure loving kind from the orphanage and so the traveler decides to take a trip to the Orphanage where he gets the best and lively photographs which might not have been possible if the little technology of Google Glasses had not supported him in his little trip filled with life and death encounter. Meanwhile the Film came out as a great Advertising Promotion for the Glasses but certainly has lots of room and features to improve in the future. :)

Ultimately the Short film doesn't oversell its message. It serves as a credible product demo, and a thoughtful meditation on how cutting-edge technology can help people bridge gaps, gain greater understanding and get closer in the offline world without the barriers of language.