Monday, 19 January 2015

Watch this Akron man Abuse a Cat by Kicking Her

Watch this Akron Man brutally abuse a cat by kicking her hard in the stomach as the feline crashes into nearby parked cars, while the culprit's friend records him abuse the cat

Watch this Akron man abuse a cat by kicking her hard into the parked cars via animal cruelty videos

In yet another Animal cruelty incident an Akron man was seen kicking a cat hard in the stomach as the animal flew high in the air and finally landed several feet away smashing violently into nearby parked cars.The terrified cat quickly ran away from the animal abusers but one can be certain that she must have sustained several injuries from the impact. In the video the culprits can be seen ready with their cameras on and ready to abuse that cat in the worst way possible while filming it suffer and attract attention to themselves. In the starting few seconds it looks like the abuser is trying to treat the cat calling it towards him but just as the cat turns her head away from the abuser, the man goes mad and kicks the cat hard smashing her into the nearby parked cars while shouting out the verbal abuse "Why you bitchin for?". Clearly the power of the kick was very brutal since the abuser used his full body weight to kick the cat as hard as he can so that the cat dies the moment it has impact with the kick.The incident came to limelight after Ohio Animal Abuser List Facebook page got their hands on this shocking video from a lady who brought the animal cruelty incident to their notice. Apparently the abuse went viral as social media Fans angered by the incident shared the video in order to identify the culprit as Akron Police Department search for the culprits who are liable to face criminal jurisdiction for animal cruelty. Thanks to the responsive actions of animal lovers the incident quickly went viral on the net and surely these culprits will be arrested soon enough as their whereabouts are still unknown or may be a army of cat lovers are behind them calling for their prosecution or hitting them with a wrecking ball. We hope our dear feline friend is okay and request everyone to share and identify these culprits who deserve to be run down by a speeding vehicle or eaten away alive.

Stop Animal Abuse: The Story of Elliot

The above is a touching story of a feline named Elliot who was found with an arrow impaled in his torso, apparently abused for a bow and arrow target and then abandoned by his master. Luckily some animal rescuers rescued the cat and helped him recover while Elliot struggled to forget the abuse he went through and the part wherein he had to trust another human as his caretaker. Try helping these poor souls by adopting them or reporting the animal abusers in your area, doesn't matter if they are young or old, a crime is still a crime and hurting someone is never justified. I wish Ender dropped that poop on these ugly bastards and saved the poor feline from these abusers.