Sunday, 7 September 2014

Watch this Cat Fail Adorably at Trying to Use the Toilet

Watch Ender the Cat try to use the Toilet as it fails adorably despite his super Yoga and Ninja moves to efficiently drop right in the hole

Watch Ender the Cat try to use the Toilet as it fails adorably via cat videos

Well litter boxes can be really burdensome to Cat and Dog owners and why not it costs money and most of all they have to first taught how to use it, but the latest trend is teaching cats to use the Human toilet directly which eliminates the need for buying litter and also has a better odor control when compared to using litter box in open. Well this was the case with cute cat Ender who apparently was on his next thrilling step of using a human toilet for the first time, Ender stretched his body using his efficient yoga and Ninja moves as it stood on the toilet seat with his back legs and remaining two near the railing to support his body. Well it was Ender's first attempt at using the toilet and he thought his poop will drop right in the hole but as we know most of the times first attempts don't always go as planned, Ender missed by a margin as his owner cried in vain while recording him poop. It was a hilarious situation, Ender ashamed of failing to accomplish to use the toilet in his first attempt immediately went on to covering up his footprints as if nothing happened at all, but sorry Ender looks like now the Whole world knows about it but the good news is the World is watching you poop repeatedly screaming way to go Ender! Great Effort my feline friend. Well if you are reading this and are

wondering how you too can train your cat to use the toilet

then it's very easy, all you have to do is slowly move your cats litter box closer to the bathroom day by day but be slow and patient as cats take time to learn, then finally place the litter on the toilet and poof! the next thing you know is your cat is already using the human toilet while reading newspaper with a Do not disturb sign outside the Toilet. :D