Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Watch how John Oliver takes on Ferguson Police Shooting

Watch how John Oliver takes on Ferguson Police Shooting and use of excessive force with his witty take down on violence, weaponry and racialism shown by cops following the death of Michael Brown

Watch how John Oliver takes on Ferguson Police Shooting regarding Michael Brown death via geniushowto.blogspot.com police brutality videos

While Police brutality is one of the most disgusting crimes that can be committed an officer on duty things are simply unacceptable when you gun down innocent people on the street and-then later try to cover up the incident by framing the victim with ridiculous charges which simply don't even apply. Well this was the same case in the Ferguson,Missouri Shooting where in the cops simply shot down 18 yr old teen Michael Brown claiming that the kid was armed while the eyewitnesses claim he wasn't and later on the day instead of claiming responsibility for the heinous crime started coming up with stories and have handled the situation very poorly showcasing pure force in terms of police brutality after the shooting erupting anguish among the locals as they protested against the innocent killing of unarmed Michael Brown. John Oliver on his show last week tonight took on the issue as he used his wit to counterattack the local law enforcement's use of military weapons which they don't even know how to use as they roam pointing their guns at innocent civilians which is usually done when you are ready to fire. The Government has surely spent a lot behind security as police gets to have their hands on big guns and machines but what's the use when all they do is flaunt them shooting innocent people in the streets. While a fight has broke out on the streets of Ferguson one thing is quite clear that police is using pure force to cover up their nasty doings as they flaunt these highly sophisticated weapons and toys shooting people at random. John Oliver in his amazing show blasted out the issue as he took over the nasty doings of police one by one and hilariously outwitted them at their own game. A certainly must watch if you are absolutely against Police brutality and a fan of hilarious and witty debates of John Oliver.