Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Watch how this Dog Foils Robbery Attempt at a Gun Store

Watch how this brave dog (German Shepherd) protects his owner and foils a robbery attempt at the gun store as it bites the crime out of the robber and chases him to death

Watch how this brave dog protects his owner and foils a robbery attempt at the gun store via dog videos

Talking of Loyalty there's no better example then man's best friend dogs who show their utmost loyalty to their owners in return of love and that's all and it's not like they are only man's best friend they also show great sympathy for other animals as well like one of those Dog trying to save the dying fished with water incident which went viral on the internet. Well we all know the other reason dogs come in handy is to scare of the robbers which simply foil their nasty plans with their outrageously loud barks, but you could never imagine a dog foiling a Armed Robbery and that to at a gun store. Well this was the case when the dog's owner aware of the situation decided to train his dog for such circumstances, probably after watching one of those chihuahua foiling robbery attempt incident and with the help of his friend created a Armed robbery scenario wherein the robber entered the owners shop and suddenly went forward with his gun pointing at the shopkeeper when suddenly the dog (German Shepherd) bit his hand getting the weapon to fall down, scaring the shit out of the robber as it chased away the frightened robber. Apparently the owners friend disguised as robber used a dog bite training and signaled the dog where to bite with a white cross mark on his hand as they trained the German Shepherd against a robbery scenario like that but as it's just a imitation you can think of things to go more complex in real life hostile situations. The video has a major flaw that the robber tried to reach for the owner as if he's trying to stab him with a gun but probably using a dummy gun was a better option when compared to a knife considering the safety reasons and also the fact that it was a gun store. Personally I think a barking dog will be enough to scare the hell out of these notorious criminals as everyone suddenly goes into alert mode. Now would you train your dog for such circumstances? Probably not!