Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Watch Heroic Bystander Trip Suspect chased by Police

British Bystander shows some heroics with his footwork as he trips the suspect fleeing the Kingston police foot chase in London, helping officers to catch up and arrest the suspect.

Watch Heroic Bystander Trip Suspect chased by Police via viral videos and photos caught on cctv camera

Well we often try to stay away from Police work because you never know when a Gangster or the convict might show up for revenge, things get worse when you are caught up between the good and evil for helping somebody especially cops. But contrary to this believe there are many good Samaritans who would do anything to help a person in need and this was the case with a British bystander who helped the cops catch a fleeing suspect in Kingston, London. In the footage released by Kingston police, the suspect is shown running away from the Kingston police and towards the bystander who is seen walking casually with his fiancee.

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Sighting the police foot chase the jolly good Samaritan displayed some great heroics as he used his quick thinking and footwork to trip the distracted suspect helping the cops apprehend the suspect. Thanks to the bystander's trip the Kingston police was able catch up with the suspect and arrest him, but when they turned around to thank the couple they were already gone (◐.̃◐). So the Kingston Police decided to publicly thank the good Samaritan for helping them chase down the suspected drug dealer in the town centre. They posted the CCTV footage of the trip up on Twitter to thank the man after the 17 yr old was arrested on Saturday night on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

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Well if you know any bad guys trying to sell drugs then make sure to show them this video so that they can beware of good Samaritans who would take every chance to trip them up, so that they can give in early whenever they are being chased by the cops. :D Well if you are wondering what happens after the tripping then don't worry because according to Section 3 Criminal Law Act protects those who assist in an arrest. So don't worry about getting into trouble when helping someone against bad guys but beware not to take things into your own hand when the suspect is armed and practice caution by calling for help from the cops. This footage kind of reminded me of the Spiderman scene where Peter Parker could have stopped the culprit from getting away but instead loses his Grandpa. Still nothing better than a good happy ending. Good work Mate! :)