Wednesday, 16 July 2014

4 ways to SEO Optimize your Blogger Blog Post Titles

Optimizing Your Blogger Blog Post Titles with 4 Simple Tweaks for Higher Search Engine Ranking and Visibility

4 ways to seo optimize your blogger blog post titles via search engine
Adding Greater SEO visibility to your Blog post titles
Blogger's blogspot blogs have been a blissful platform for millions of bloggers with many successful stories being highlighted in the past which inspire others to do the same and carry forward their dreams on both professional and financial front including many students earning through blogging and paying for their own expenses as they become independent financially. Surely you might also have a plan of blogging and earning or you are already on that path but there's a major hurdle that is Blogger blogs although are a superbly created platform they are still pretty much left raw for users to tweak their site and  use it the way they want and in such a case SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a key factor in making your blog posts rank higher in search results and one of them is the your blog post titles which by default are placed after your blog's name degrading the Search visibility of your post titles in search engines with loss of essential keywords from your post titles and several other factors which new bloggers are not aware about. Let's get started with SEO optimizing your blogger post titles with these 4 simple tweaks to rank your blog posts higher in search results with a better visibility factor as we apply the proper SEO structuring to your post and webpage titles.

Instructions to Follow:

  1. Tweak-1: Swapping the Blog title and Post Title for better Visibility

    Blogger by default puts your Blog's title that is your Blogs name before your post title resulting in loss of keyword from search results as Google and other popular search engines have a title index limit of 60 characters so suppose we say your blog name is Genius knight and your post is "How to Eat a cookie then it shows up like this "Genius knight- How to Eat a Cookie with milk" (gets truncated in search results) but should have been like this "How to Eat a Cookie with milk - Genius knight", so we are just going to swap these titles. To swap the blog title with post title go to your blogger template → Click Edit HTML → and look for the title tag line which looks like the code below.
    You can find the code in the <head> section of your template editor or just use CTRL+F to find it and replace it with the below code and save your template.
     <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
    <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>
    The Above code will just change the positions of your post title and blog title and make it perfect for Search Engines to Index and rank higher
  2. Tweak-2: Structuring Post title tags with proper header Tags

    Header tags that is <h1> tags play a crucial role in SEO optimization by making web crawlers to understand better about your content. While post titles are usually made of h1 tags, unfortunately in Blogger post titles are tagged with <h3> tags instead of <h1> tags (that is titles being ranked lower in headings). To fix this first a fall check if your title tag is h1 or h3. You can do so by going to one of your blog posts and pressing CTRL+U to open the source code of your post. Now look for <h1> tags by using CTRL+F. If you can find your blog post title enclosed between h1 tags then your post titles are already optimized and need do this tweak but in case you don't then note down the header tag it is enclosed between, most probably <h3> tag. The code should look like the one below:
    <h1 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'>
    Your Blog Posts Title
    Now if you found a h3 tag or a different header tag for your blog post title then you tweak it by going to blogger template → click Edit HTML → Search for all the instances of h3 tag and replace them with h1 tag including the ones mentioned under variables so that you can customize your post title's appearance from the blogger template customization and save your template to assign h1 headline tagging to your post titles.
    Note: Recently Blogger updated their Blogspot platform and made changes to default templates and one of them was replacement of h3 tags with h1 tags, so in case you haven't edited or changed things in your blogger template, your blog posts will be automatically updated with the new h1 tags.
  3. Tweak-3: Including Your Post keywords in Post Title

    Including your most used keywords in your blog posts title is your key to rank higher in search engines as it gives the degree of how optimized your post title is. In short it tells that title is legit and is related to the content, the more targeted your title (keywords used in the title) is the more chances of getting ranked higher.You can get the density of your most used keywords in your article by using , just paste in the url or content and analyze the keywords used and then tweak your post title to include them into your title.

    Note: Beware of Google Panda penalty which penalizes sites which try to use keywords excessively so make sure to use to get a density of your most used keywords and make sure to keep them below 2% to avoid negative SEO.
  4. Tweak-4: Optimizing Post Titles Further with Niche Keywords

    In the tweak 1 we saw how you can swap post titles and blog titles but it's not necessary that you have to use your blog title as the secondary keyword tag after your post title, you can also set a custom keyword instead of your blog title especially when your Blog title is long. To change the second part of your post title that is to replace blog name with your custom keyword go to blogger template → Click Edit HTML → look for the following code <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> by using CTRL+F and replace it with the below code and save your template.
     <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> | Your Desired Keyword</title>
    <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>
    For a desired keyword use a similar themed keyword for your blog name or the niche topic your blog or site is based on.For example a cooking site and the keyword will be something related to chef like this "how to make Cinnamon Apple Pie | with Laura Vitale"
Use all these 4 tweaks on your blogger post titles and your blog post titles will be perfectly optimized for search engines. Let's summarize basically we gave the post titles higher visibility by swapping the position with blog title and giving it a h1 header tag and further optimized them with proper keyword density and niche targeting.