Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Add Adsense Ads inside your Blogger Blog Posts

Adding Adsense or other Advertising Ads inside Your Blogger Blog Posts Manually with Ease, controlling their Position and display inside individual blog posts

How to Add Adsense Ads inside your Blogger Blog Posts via ad placement optimization and control
Optimizing and Controlling Ad placement inside blog posts
Monetizing your Blogs and websites with Adsense or other popular Advertisements is a common practice among bloggers as they depend on advertising revenues to support their cause and why not they have worked hard for it. While Monetizing your blog posts with Ads can earn you revenue the crucial factor of ad placements inside your Blog posts is crucial in improving your Ad click through rates without affecting the reading visibility of your readers. The thing becomes quite tough when you are starting out as a freelance writer and are not aware of those web technologies and terminologies used to structure and position content inside webpages and now have to add some piece of code which you have no idea where and how to add in your blog posts, now you don't have to be a coder or expert at HTML but you can do this effortlessly in next 5 minutess as you get enlightened on how to place ads inside your blogger blog posts in 4 simple easy to follow steps. Let's get started with the simple How to tutorial.

Instructions to Follow:

  1. Placing Adsense Ads aligned in the center :

    Aligning Ads in the center is a great way of capturing readers attention without affecting their reading view of the content. Usually long board or leader board ads with dimensions 970x90, 728x90 and mobile ads 468x15 are best served when aligned center as square or skyscraper ad formats tend to make things ugly leaving lots of space uncovered for usage. To align your Adsense Ads you can place your ad codes in between the <div> tags like the code below:
    <div align="center" style="margin:0 auto;">Your Adsense code here</div>
    Make sure to use the best ad width format according to your blog posts width for example you can't display properly a 970x90 ad on a 800px width blog post instead the best fit would be 728x90 ad, so use horizontal ad sizes according your blog post page's dimension. Some people use the center tag for aligning things in their posts ( <center>Your adsense code</center> ) but it's a outdated way of aligning things in center and many modern browsers don't support it, so avoid using them. Place your ads in blogger posts by clicking HTML option in your Post editor and placing the code where you wish to add it for example in this blog post we wish to add adsense before Instructions to Follow then look for it in your HTML editor by pressing CTRL+F and searching for these words and finally adding the aligned div code just above the html tag the words are enclosed in like this:
    <div align="center" style="margin:0 auto;">Your Adsense code here</div>
    <h3 style="text-align: left;"> 
    Instructions to Follow:</h3>
    In the above code Instructions to follow is enclosed within h3 tags so place the align div tag along with your adsense code just above it to place it above that section.
  2. Placing Adsense Ads aligned left or right :

    Now that you know how to align adsense ads in the center of your blog posts let's get started with aligning them left or right in blogger blog posts. The best ad formats to align left or right are 300x250 and 336x228 which have a awesome ad optimization and doesn't affect your readers content view angle as well. To align them left or right place your ad code in between the div tags like the code below:
    <div style="margin:0 auto; float:left;">Your Adsense code here</div>
    The above code aligns your ad to the left of your content and gets wrapped up with the content and to align your ads to the right simply change float:left; to float:right; and it will align your ad to the right of the content. Now to place them in your desired paragraph or content location simply switch to HTML editor in your blogger blog post and locate the paragraph along with which you wish to ad an aligned square format ad and place it above the html tag it is enclosed in like the example below:
    <div style="margin:0 auto; float:left;">Your Adsense code here</div>
    <p>Here is your targeted paragraph</p>
    In the above paragraph the targeted paragraph is enclosed within html p tag and the aligned div with ad is placed before it which gets wrapped with the paragraph on the left.A live example will be this articles introduction with the image aligned to the right. Make sure to target paragraphs with at least 4-5 lines as it looks ugly to align ads with single lines. Avoid using skyscraper ads as they tend to extend longer and are not optimized for devices with smaller screen, unless you are using responsive ad unit on your responsive site.
This method of aligning ads manually is particularly helpful in blogs which want to target particular areas of their post as they know where the user is going to be most interested in thereby grabbing attention of visitors and increasing click through rates is the ad is related to the user. Avoid placing indexable ads excluding Adsense as they tend to decrease one's site's rankings and always use non indexable and non incentive ads like Adsense. You can use the above method to align any html element you want, just pack them in the aligned div tags and align them with your content. If you have made your blogger template responsive then make sure to switch to responsive ad units for higher CTR.