Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Watch Homecoming Soldier Dad Surprise Son as Spiderman

Watch how Homecoming Soldier Dad surprises his 3 year old son Noah by dressing as his favorite Superhero Spiderman on his Return Home

Watch how Homecoming Soldier Dad surprises his 3 year old son Noah by dressing up as his favorite Superhero Spiderman via Homecoming videos

Well Homecoming videos of Soldiers reuniting with their families never fail to touch our heart especially those with a surprise capturing the priceless reactions of kids, dads, moms and many more loved ones. This was a similar case in case of 3 year old Noah who's dad Jason Reynolds was serving the US Army as North Carolina Soldier while being deployed on war missions in Afghanistan. Noah's father wasn't expected to return soon with 6 months of patrolling the deserts of Afghanistan fighting terrorism had already passed away. But it was Jason Reynolds Military fortune and he was expected to return home earlier than expected. Jason told about his early discharge to his wife and than the husband wife duo secretively planned a surprise for their 3 year old son Noah who had hard time being happy with his father not around to play with him. Jason's wife suggested him to don a Spiderman dress as it's Noah favorite superhero and so it began. Next morning Jason all dressed up as Spiderman went to his home's backyard without being noticed and sat on the fence in one of those iconic spiderman poses of watching over the city, meanwhile Noah's mom told Noah to go out and play with Noah not expecting his favorite superhero in his backyard. Jason dressed as spiderman jumped off the fence and cheered for the little guy while excited Noah jumped and hugged his favorite superhero unaware of the fact that the masked superhero is none other than his beloved father himself. Just when Noah was very happy his happiness doubled when Jason unveiled himself as spiderman and Noah was on cloud nine as he jumped on to his father crying "Daddy!". His priceless reaction was worth watching just like any other kid's would be on meeting their mom and dad after a long time. Their was another fortunate stroke of serendipity for both Jason and his son Noah and it was from Mom and that she was pregnant with soon to be born sister of Noah. Way to make homecoming way more extra special for the entire family as Jason Reynolds reunites with his son Noah and his pregnant wife. Happy Homecoming Reynolds Family and thanks for protecting the world against terrorism. While we wonder if Noah still thinks that Spiderman is his dad! :D