Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Watch how Speeding Train Smashed Through Crane Truck

Watch how a Speeding Train Smashed Through a 18 wheeler Crane Truck which got stuck at the level crossing near Morehouse Parish Town as the Horrific Accident was caught on camera

Watch how a Speeding Train Smashed Through a 18 wheeler Crane Truck which got stuck at the level crossing via caught on camera accident videos

Level crossings can be a really dangerous place to be in when your vehicle gives up or you are just a commuter who wasn't paying attention. on Sunday afternoon of 5th October 2014, A 18 wheeler truck carrying a huge crane rig in its trailer got stuck at the level crossing as the trailer bottomed out. The Driver tried lots of things to get the truck out while a couple sitting in their car waiting for their turn to cross the level crossing were capturing the whole incident on their flip camera that's when suddenly a speeding North Bound Train unable to stop in time smashed in through the truck as the alarmed driver jumped out seconds before the collision as the truck was split into half derailing 2 engines and 17 cars as the Train came to an halt after the collision.

The couple recording the whole incident exclaimed with horror as they never expected a train truck collision to occur before their own eyes as the wreckage went flying before their own eyes. The couple felt like it was a movie sequel being played in real life, to make the things worse one of the cars carrying pressurized Argon tanks started leaking which although an inert gas is dangerous to inhale and most of all the biggest problem was fear of explosion for it was a pressurized tank. The smart couple immediately took a U turn and vacated the place as the chemical leak took place, they didn't even had to call 911 for emergency as the accident occurred before the Mer Rouge Police Station as the Sheriffs quickly arrived at the spot and evacuated about 50 neighboring houses lying in the vicinity of the horrific accident which was still alive due to leaking argon gas. Moments later Hazmat crews arrived at the Morehouse Parish Town intersection where the chemical was leaking and the three injured in the crash (2 engineers and 1 Conductor) were airlifted for medical supervision as conductor escaped with minor injuries while the engineers suffered serious life threatening injuries.

Aftermath of Train Truck Collision

Mer Rouge Police Chief Mitch Stephens admitted that it was worse train accident he has ever seen in the town of Mer Rouge which unfortunately is aware of train derailment incidents in the past with the recent one taking the toll to 4 in two years.


:Meanwhile Sheriff Mike Tubbs said the leakage was now under control as the gas leaked out into the atmosphere while the traffic from route 165 was being re-routed down to LA 3051/Grabault Road as the derailed wreckage is being cleaned from the tracks. Meanwhile the evacuated families returned back to their home safely. (For most up to date detour information call 511)

Train crashes into Truck and explodes