Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Watch this 10 yr Old perform Kickin it with my Daddy

Watch this 10 yr old girl perform "Kickin it with my Daddy" with her dad on their very own original lyrics as the father daughter duo performing goes viral all over the world

Watch this 10 yr old girl perform

In yet another viral video a father daughter duo went viral with daughter Kayliyah Weems who is just 10 and her father Ricky Weems perform their very own original lyric video of their song "Kickin' It With My Daddy" which went viral over the Internet as their original song made rows with their rapping attracting everyone's attention. Now people are talking about how cool the lyrics are why the duo's video is now on MTV and other popular news channel. Apparently Ricky Weems owns his own recording studio and loves to play with her daughter Kayliyah and the that was one of the reasons he wrote the lyrics of "Kickin it with my Daddy" specifically for her so that the father daughter duo can perform it together. Kayliyah actually loved the lyrics and it was her mastermind to create a video which now has gone viral as the duo touch everyone's heart with their rapping. Ricky who actually wanted to set up a good image for black fathers wanted to show that even black fathers too can have a good upbringing as Ricky tries to send a positive message through the video as Kayliyah raps "I get good grades on my papers and reports. I got a lot of rewards for jobs well done; two times in a row I made student of the month" in the video which certainly shows that Ricky's upbringing is really good as his daughters shine brightly in the World full of competition and difficulties. Way to go Ricky and Kayliyah we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. ☻