Tuesday, 15 July 2014

3 ways to Remove Subscribe to Posts (Atom) links in Blogger

Removing Subscribe to Posts (Atom) and Post Comments (Atom) Feed Links in Blogger with 3 Unique ways

3 ways to remove subscribe to posts atom and comment feedlinks from blogger via geniushowto.blogspot.com blogging
Removing Ugly Post and Comment Feed Links 
Feed links are the keys on a blogging platform for users to Subscribe to them thereby increasing the readership of that particular blog but with changing time the feed readers have developed and so has the feed formats from Atom to RSS with many people switching to RSS feeds due to better structuring, Atom has lost it's popularity as feed link to subscribe on blogging sites, besides that today's feed readers can read any format of feed and convert them according to users choice. The same scenario lie in with Blogger blog platforms where in the ugly looking Subscribe to Posts (Atom) and Comments (Atom) keep destroying beauty of the site and won't work properly unless you have a feed reader that reads Atom and is activated on that particular time, Apart from that these links help in SEO and crawling the feed for both published posts and comments thereby increasing one's visibility on the web.But if you already have a RSS reader activated like feedburner than removing these atom feed links is a good idea considering the fact that your feeds are now handled somewhere else and a lot better format than Atom to which users can subscribe effortlessly. So let's begin and get rid of those ugly links from your Blog.with these 3 simple unique ways.

Instructions to Follow:

  1. Method 1: Removing Post Feed links by Deletion

    If you have already burned your Blogger blogs feed with a third party feed burning service like Feedburner.com then you won't be needing these feed links again as now a third party feed platform takes care of your post feeds.To remove posts (Atom) feed link in blogger go to your Blogger Template → Click Edit HTML → Look for the feed link data tag and delete it.. Your post feed link will look like the below code:
    <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>
    Find the above code by pressing CTRL+F and enter the above string to find it and finally delete it to remove Posts(Atom) from your blog and save the template.
    Now similarly find the below code by searching for <data:feedlinksmsg/> by using CTRL+F for Post Comments feed link and delete the entire below code and finally save your template to get rid of post feed links for forever from your blog
    <div class='feed-links'>
    <b:loop values='data:links' var='f'>
    <a class='feed-link' expr:href='data:f.url' expr:type='data:f.mimeType' target='_blank'><data:f.name/> (<data:f.feedType/>)</a>
    Tadaa! Your Blog is now free from these ugly Atom feed links.
  2. Method-2: Removing Post Feed links with HTML browser Comments

    This method is one of the coolest methods and requires you too just comment some lines in HTML. Now that you know what you have to search for in the blogger template from the method 1, this method will get you the results in no time. Begin by searching for posts comment Atom feed by searching for <data:feedLinksMsg/> and replace the code above in Method-1 with the below code.
    <!--<div class='feed-links'>
    <b:loop values='data:links' var='f'>
    <a class='feed-link' expr:href='data:f.url' expr:type='data:f.mimeType' target='_blank'><data:f.name/> (<data:f.feedType/>)</a>
    and similarly for the posts (Atom) feed link replace <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/> with the following code:
    <!--b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/-->
    This Method basically uses help of HTML comment tag to comment out a code which tells a browser that it's a comment and it should avoid rendering it, besides that those who don't wish to delete feed links than this is a good method to go with.
  3. Method-3: Removing Post Feed Links by Hiding them with CSS

    If you thought Method-2 was the coolest then you might change your opinion after this method. In this method you need not edit anything and just have to add a few lines of CSS to hide the Post feed links. Begin by going to your Blogger Template → Click Customize → navigate to Add CSS and add in the below line of code to hide the feedlinks from your blogger blog.
    .feed-links {display:none !important;}
    Isn't this method even more easier then the previous two methods? Well this method basically hides your html code from rendering giving you a clean blogger look.
People usually prefer to use method 1 as they don't want any unnecessary stuff on their blog besides that the other category of people who are a bit conserved about deleting anything on blogger that might affect their blog prefer method 2 and 3 with most of them going for Method-3 as they don't  have to enter the HTML editor and do some crazy stuff with web languages they don't understand or know at all and the constant fear of spoiling their blog with unexpected changes they encounter.

While Method 1 and 2 may demand a blogger to save their template before hand in case of any unexpected errors especially Method 1 , Method 3 is way safest as it doesn't interfere with the HTML editor and in case of unexpected changes one can simply remove the CSS from the template customization menu.