Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Gravity powered Lamp that runs without Electricity

GravityLight, a new gravity powered LED lamp that runs without electricity and costs lesser than a kerosene lamp with incredible ecofriendly stats for developing countries

While we enjoy the bright lights at night to carry on our chores without being disrupted by the time of the day, there are several million people in developing countries who still live their life without proper electricity and have to depend on hazardous and unhealthy kerosene lamps and other costly alternatives. However it seems their life’s without electricity is going to witness a major change with science’s latest invention, The GravityLight. Gravitylight is a gravity powered led lamp that provides lighting without using any type of batteries, sunlight or electricity. The simple gravitylight works on the principle of weights and gears and costs a mere amount of $5-$10 which is a lot cheaper and reliable than a kerosene lamp.
Gravitylight a gravity powered lamp that runs without electricity and comes for just $5 via geniushowto.blogspot.com science and technology news and gadgets
Lamp that runs with the power of gravity !

The GravityLight prototype is designed by London based designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves with sole purpose of providing people with an alternative and affordable source of light to kerosene lamps which has many demerits.
Gravity light runs without electricity, battery or any type of power source unlike traditional unhealthy kerosene lamps via geniushowto.blogspot.com science and technology news and gadgets
GravityLight is a replacement for kerosene lamps in developing countries which doesn't require any fuel to run
GravityLight is an innovative solution that empowers those without electricity by providing them with clean, reliable and safe light which in turn enables them to break free from the economic, health and environmental hazards of kerosene and battery lamps

How does GravityLight Work?

GravityLight is a simple pulley system that converts added weights potential energy into kinetic energy which in turn is used by the installed LED light to convert it into free and clean energy. The gravity powered lamp has a cable hanging from a gear mechanism holding onto a plastic bag which can be filled with dirt, rocks or sand (12 kg or more). The gravity pull on the added weight creates enough power to light the LED bulb for up to half an hour or more depending upon how high the weight is raised through the pulley.

The weight pull drives sprocket and polymer geartrain fueling the dc generator inside to produce electricity . The gravity lamp produces an amount of 176 joules on a weight lift of 10kg on the pulley which is enough to illuminate a 100sq-foot room for half an hour which can be restored back by pulling the weight again after it has descended down due to gravity, giving you an unlimited source of energy without having to depend on keeping a backup when power goes off, just pull the weight again and you get 30 minutes of free energy to utilize again.
The blueprint behind the technological innovation gravitylight that runs without electricity via geniushowto.blogspot.com science and technology news and gadgets
The blueprint behind the gravity machine that comes with an on demand DC generator to produce electricity from a bag of weights

Advantages of GravityLight

  • No Fuel/No recurring costs – Since the gravitylight doesn’t require any type of traditional energy source, it has no need for a fuel and thus has no recurring costs unlike kerosene or battery powered lamps.
  • Inexpensive/Affordable – The gravity lamp costs a mere $5 to $10 and hardly requires anything else, just put on some weights and you get light that beats a traditional kerosene lamp. Unlike bulky and expensive energy sources this lamp requires zero maintenance.
  • Environment Friendly – The gravitylight unlike artificial lights doesn’t attract mosquitoes and has no negative health effects and since it doesn’t use any type of fuel it has zero emissions unlike the tons of carbon dioxide and harmful gases produced by kerosene and battery lamps. Also they are non-hazardous compared to kerosene lamps in case of fire accidents and since they are so portable they have absolutely no worries about getting disposed making them a great environmental friendly product.
    Burning Kerosene for lighting purposes produces 244 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to smoking tones of harmful cigarette packets which in turn causes lung cancer, eye infections and numerous recurring health issues.
  • Multipurpose Usage– The lamp not only can be used for lighting purposes but for other things as well like charging a phone, running table fans, listening to radio, etc of lower power capacity.
  • Gravity lamp vs. Solar energy – Unlike solar batteries which store energy only when sun shines and are highly expensive and voluminous, the gravity powered lamps work in all conditions and situations irrespective of the weather outside and are highly inexpensive and portable.
Gravity light comes with a sandbag and built in dc generator that provides light on being pulled with a weight for 30 minutes via geniushowto.blogspot.com science and technology news and innovative gadgets
The $5 gravity lamp comes with pulley and gear driven mechanism to produce electricity from weight bags attached to it
Just imagine the millions of dollars saved on electricity and the elimination of CO2 emission apart from occurring health issues which would make world a lot better place for the poverty stricken parts of the world and help them raise their standard of living with this brilliant gravity lamp.
the inventors of the gravity light (from left) Patrick Hunt, Martin Riddiford, Mario Siqueira and Jim Reeves talk about crowdfunding their product via geniushowto.blogspot.com science and technology news and gadgets
The inventors of the gravity light (from left) Patrick Hunt, Martin Riddiford, Mario Siqueira and Jim Reeves.
Currently the team behind the lamp that runs with the force of gravity that is Patrick Hunt, Martin Riddiford, Mario Siqueira and Jim Reeves are working on a second prototype to improve the strength of the LED’s and the material design to bring down the cost from $10 to $5 with the help of crowd funding for GravityLight v2.0 on Indiegogo to raise their target money. Don’t forget to fund them or give this awesome technological innovation a shout out if you can! ♫ By the way if you are in for a little science experiment this summer vacation then how about building yourself one of these cool gravity powered lamps? It's really easy to make one and would be fun to show off before your friends or make one with them for your next camp trip to the woods. (◐.̃◐)

How to Make your own DIY Gravity Light

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