Monday, 13 April 2015

Selfie Man kissing a horse gets Kissed back by Horse

A Man went on to kiss a horse on his face for a selfie and in return gets an unexpected kiss back on his cheek from the happy four legged stallion as their incredible reactions are caught on camera

Watch man kissing horse for a selfie get a warm kiss back on his cheek from the happy horse via amazing pet animals and bonding stories

If you have ever seen how horses show affection to their kinds by kissing them gracefully on their face, then you will notice that these species are nothing different from that of humans where humans too show affection to their kids and families by kissing them on their cheek. Well this one man on a mission to spread some love for animal kingdom was in for an unexpected from the animal kingdom themselves when he went to a Country farm to kiss a beautiful stallion on his face while taking a selfie while doing it. What happened next was simply blissful as the happy horse gracefully returned the kiss back on the man's cheek as the delighted selfie man's reaction was caught on camera along with the returned affection from the horse.

A Appaloosa Horse returns back Kisses

Well if you have ever seen a dog then you know that they love to return and show affection back by licking your face as if you are their kids, the same goes for horses as well as they too love to show affection to fellow humans by licking their face with their long tongues. :D While in case of the selfie man kissing the horse, the horse displayed human affection by kissing side cheeks of the man as the video titled "Man kisses Horse, Horse kisses Man" went viral on the internet after AFV (America's funniest Home Videos) TV show aired it on their show's weekend's laughter segment. It wasn't long back when a cyclist who tried to show some affection to a group of horses on the mountains got bitten by a horse eating grass, or may be the horse didn't like being disturbed while eating or it just thought the man was serving him his hand for lunch! (◐.̃◐)

Cyclist gets bitten by horse in the mountains

Well this video of selfie man kissing a horse and getting kissed back by the horse is just so warm and affectionate that you can't not smile back while watching it.

How to Train your Horse to kiss back!

If you too wish to teach your horse how to kiss back or hug when you show affection to them then try out this tutorial on

how to train your horse to kiss or hug

as a horseman or an amazing pet owner with love for these fast animals. Well if your horse and you or your horse and your pets share a crazy bond of love then they might as well learn how to shake a leg with you while you dance to your favorite song just like this dancing horse who is all about that bass as it dances to the tunes of Meghan Trainor with her owner. Who know's you might as well end up with a reaction that this guy had when he got kissed back from the horse as a token of returned affection for the man. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)