Monday, 23 February 2015

Watch this adorable Cat relaxing like a human

Adorable white cat chills out in his basket as it relaxes just like a human while listening to some mellow music in the background with posture as if enjoying a hot bath tub

Watch this Adorable white cat chills out in his basket as it relaxes just like a human while listening to some mellow music in the background via cute pet videos

They say cats don't give a crap about anything unless shown lots of purring love or lots of treats, well you might be right but it certainly gives a damn about relaxing ! This adorable white cat seems to be relaxing just like a human while lying flat with legs stretched out while sitting in his mini basket with its hands resting against the basket and listening to some great mellow music in the background, probably Japanese music. The cats posture looks just like a human would do while taking a hot bath in the tub or at a spa with nice music in the background. Looks like the cat had a great workout with those dumbbells in the background and now it's chilling out in it's imaginary little bath tub while enjoying the mellow music as his owners capture their pet cat acting human. Wondering how a cat would actually look like while relaxing in a hot water tub ? Find out below :D

Relaxing cat in the hot bath Tub

Ever wondered how a cat would actually relax at a hot spa ? Well you know now ! But seriously if we could relate cats to humans then closest they could be described are those lazy asses working only when they want to have fun and not giving a damn about other things. Well talking of adorable cats caught this cat watching a basketball at a playground while waiting for his valentine as it sits near the pavement boundary resting and waiting for his girlfriend, not even caring about if someone's violating his privacy by shooting him on a video. :D Oh man someone give this fella a drink or some catnip !!
watch this adorable white cat relax like a human in it's little basket via cute cat videos
The cat who relaxes like a human ! :D
Well cats surely avoid lots of things but this cat named Ender trying to use the toilet had the biggest shaming of his life when it failed to drop the poo into the toilet despite it's ninja cat moves to use the toilet like a human as his owner shames him big time on YouTube filming him poo and then screaming his name when he failed to pass the potty training test. :D The cats imitating humans must be related to those singles bored with their lives and not giving a damn about anything and just chilling all the time with melancholic music playing in the background. Hmm this must be where these cats picked up these chilled out postures and times when they are high on catnip . ♥