Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Watch World Champions incredible Yo-Yo moves go viral

Watch Gentry Stein of California the New Yo-Yo World Champion display his incredibly perfected Yo-Yo Moves as he wins the Yo-Yo World Championship by a staggering score of 88.2

Watch World Champions incredible Yo-Yo moves that you can't even imagine via geniushowto.blogspot.com sports video

Don't consider Yo-Yo techniques a challenge? Wait before you see the new world champion Gentry Stein of California in action who has perfected the art of Yo-Yo moves to an incredible level one can't even imagine. Gentry Stein participated in the recent Yo-Yo world championships held in Prague where Gentry Stein displayed an incredible level of accuracy and beautifully executed yo-yo moves beating rival Takeshi Matsuura's score of 86.7 by former's staggering 88.2 winning score there by becoming the World's best Yo-Yo player by winning the championships. Gentry Stein is a popular name in the US who is well known for his incredible timing and deadly accurate Yo-Yo moves and tricks which won him US national champion in 2013 and now has become the World Title Holder. Gentry's incredible accuracy and timing comes from his daily Yo-Yo routines which can't be performed without tremendous amount of focus and practice. We wish Gentry all the good luck to keep on holding the world title for World's best Yo-yo player and keep inspiring the World of Yo-Yo sports just like this viral video of him showing his incredible Yo-Yo moves and tricks.