Saturday, 23 August 2014

Watch How Sun sees You and Your Skin (Sunlight Frenemy)

Watch How Sun sees you and affects your skin with it's UV radiations as people volunteer to check out the effects of sunlight on their Skin and get surprised as healthy skin had no effects of sunlight while others were shocked

Watch How Sun sees you and affects your skin with it's UV radiations as people volunteer to check out the effects of sunlight via skin care videos

While people consider bright and warm sunlight to be their buddies, in reality they are not instead they are actually frenemies acting like friends but cause lots of damage to your skin. Skin is the most important part of our body which protects us from external environment and withstands a lot of outside forces on a daily basis. While it's true that Sunlight provides vitamin D and E it also has the harmful Ultra violet rays which are in no way good for human skin. To show people the results and affects of how sun affects them Thomas Leveritt got some New Yorkers as volunteers as he showed him the difference between what they normally look like and how they look like under the sun that how sun sees them with the help of an UV camera that only allows UV rays to pass through it and the results were shocking as very good looking people with great skin started to show dark spots and freckles on their skin which they didn't expect to occur. Well these dark spots were actually good stuff and in order to convince volunteers that black spots were actually good, Thomas asked them to apply Sunscreen on their face and then see the results and the results were yet again shocking as now their face was completely black under the UV camera. Now you must be wondering where's the good part and where's the bad part, well it is as follows:

How Our Skin Protects us Against Harmful UV rays present in the Sunlight

Our Skin basically consists of several thousands of epidermal tissues which protect us against sunlight in various ways like blood vessels helping in controlling body temperature, our body hair acting as protection and sweat to cool down the system. Meanwhile UV rays of sunlight activate certain glands in our body which in turn produce vitamin D and E from bones and other tissues. While short exposure (tanning stage) to sunlight's UV rays doesn't cause any harm (instead promoted production of vitamins), a prolonged or over exposure to sunlight can cause problem as UV rays penetrate deeper and studies have shown that it it affects human DNA directly causing scary cancerous diseases, which our body protect by release of melanin from the skin’s melanocyte tissues.

Always apply sunscreen before going in sun to keep aging and cancerous diseases at bay via skin care
Use Sunscreen to Protect Against UV rays

What were those Black Spots and why they are Good

Well these black spots were nothing but melanin produced by your skin to protect you from excessive exposure of sunlight. These Melanin pigments tend to absorb the UV rays present in Sunlight thereby not allowing it to penetrate the skin, However as we grow our skin's regeneration ability or the health decreases and the production of Melanin keeps decreasing putting the person at risk. However a good sunscreen does the same thing as Melanin as it to absorbs the UV rays of the sun restricting it's entering to the skin just like an armor.

The Sunny Conclusion

Don't underestimate the sun and take good care of your skin and always apply a good sunscreen as recommended by dermatologists when going out in the sun and prefer early morning hours in the sun for vitamin D & E generation as at this time Sunlight is not that harsh. So the video concludes that Sun sees a good skin as completely black while damaged skin might show lesser black area or depleting melanin from your skin.