Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Watch Babies have fun with Dancing Daddy's Day Care

Best friends and Dads takes their kids on a tour of funny dancing as they turn their normal playtime into entertaining dancing daddy's day care while dancing to the tunes of Maroon 5's Sugar

Watch babies have fun with dancing daddy's day care via funny baby videos with dancing dads

Usually the most worrisome thought a mother has is leaving the baby alone with their notorious dad, while on the other hand the dad's have hell lot of issues with taking care of the baby as they hardly know anything about taking care of the
Watch babies have fun as their dad's take on babysitting as dancing daddy's day care via baby videos
Babies having a great time with their Dancing Daddy's day care ! ♥
newborn baby, but things change when your buddy enters the picture with them also having the same issue as the mothers team up to have some me time while the dads team up to enjoy fatherhood while bonding with their newborns. Apparently this was the case with rookie dads Chris Fabregas and Matt McCarthy who apparently are not only dads but best friends as well since their 8th grade and thanks to their wives these two friends bonded together with the common mission of baby sitting their 5 month old son Hudson Fabregas and 9 month old daughter Victoria McCarthy every Friday. Well usually the scene describing dad's babysitting would be baby puking or pooping everywhere and crying uncontrollably while clueless dads trying everything they can to entertain them and keep them happy.

But for the dad duo Chris and Matt it was a piece of cake as they decided to give their newborns a little taste of funny dancing to your favorite party song Maroon 5's sugar while busting a move as a rookie parent. The video shows Matt and Chris taking their newborn son and daughter in their laps and dancing with them
while the kids can be seen having a really good time as the video shows them enjoying with a cute smile on their face while their dads do all the silly dancing with them. The video was apparently made for the moms to let them know what happens at the Daddy day care. :D Meanwhile the video went viral among the netizens inspiring lots of new parents to try these fun babysitting techniques as a dad or mom. Certainly both the babies in the future will watch the video and say hey my dad is so cool ! and probably carry on the tradition in the family. :D Way to go dads kids certainly love bonding with music and dance and spotlight! ♥ Probably those kids will grow up under the strong influence of the daddy day camp thinking their dad's are crazy.

Daddy Day Care (2003) Movie Trailer

This video of daddy's dancing with babies reminded me of family which converted their kids back to school into a parody song and probably these handy parents might try the same as well and may be in later years recreate childhood memories from photos and videos.