Thursday 7 October 2021

Watch 3 year old take a surprise Ice bucket Challenge

Watch 3 year old Scarlett Rose Davis from West Midlands take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as she surprises everyone at the end with an unexpected F bomb taking the World by Storm

Watch 3 year old Scarlett Rose Davis from West Midlands take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with an F bomb via Firearms shooting videos

Well You don't everyday watch a toddler take on an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with an unexpected cute surprise. Well this 3 year old, Scarlett Rose Davis from West Midlands decided to take on the trending fight against the ALS disease with an ice bucket challenge as she urged her grandparents to let her participate in the campaign.

The cute 3 year old, sitting on her play chair started by nominating her friends Marshall, Adam and Charles before being poured with lukewarm water by her grandfather Stuart Bell.

That's when the unexpected surprise came out as she jumped out of her play chair and blurted out "F*c*ing Hell!" taking the Internet by surprise. Most of all her grandmother Carla Davis Ball who didn't expect that kind of language coming out of her, almost died bursting out of laugher as it was funny to hear swearing coming out of a toddler's mouth.

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Apparently Scarlett picked up the bad word from downtown or you can just say she was a brummie as she belongs to Birmingham, England. Her Grandmother was quick to correct her to not use the bad word as she later apologized in an another video where Grandmother can be seen correcting her.

Her Grandmother on being interviewed told she was happy to see her granddaughter urging to get involved in the ALS campaign after watching a few videos on her phone

But didn't expect the swearing part and admitted the fact that kids pick up very quickly and probably one of those Ice bucket challenge videos that her granddaughter saw might be the source behind the f bomb.

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She also admitted the fact that you can't monitor what kids see or hear all the time but you surely you can teach them what is good and what is bad.

Although it was bad swearing from the 3 year old, the world found it funny and humorous as the youngest ALS Ice Bucket Challenger became the Internet sensation with the video going viral among the Netizens just like the Viral fight against the ALS.