Tuesday 26 August 2014

Watch how Racer Turns Opponents Side Mirror during Race

Watch how Racer Turns his Opponent drivers Side Mirror while racing at high speeds at Silverstone Racing Track as both the drivers James Rogers and Ben Short share the limelight

Watch how Racer Turns his Opponent drivers Side Mirror while racing at high speeds via geniushowto.blogspot.com Sports racing videos

Well if you are a fan of high speed racing cars and movies like Fast and Furious,Gone in 60 seconds, Speed or the famous Need for Speed than one thing that you wished to see for once in real racing is too have some funny and creative stunts just like in movies which basically look like a joke but actually are very dangerous to imitate, not to forget the recent Nascar driver Tony's Stewart's accident that killed 22 yr old Kevin Ward Jr. But in a recent 5Club MX5 Cup Silverstone International 2014 Race just after 50 seconds of entry into the race something funny and eye catching happened as racer Ben Short moved his hand out of his car and turned opponent driver James Rogers side mirror to which James reacted with a middle finger as both the drivers drove at high speeds at Silverstone Racing Track. The incident was captured by the camera attached to James vehicle and soon everyone was talking about it. Some might call the move risky and unsportsmanlike which could have lead to an accident but having pulled off one of those high speed moves just like in the drift racing movies it was very cool and bet the two drivers must be laughing together watching this video again and again. Having pulled a trick at amazing speeds the incident soon caught attention of racing fanatics all over the world as the video went viral on the Internet. Again the video was performed by professionals so do not try to imitate the same and damage your vehicle or your or others life. Stay safe drive safe! :)